Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a Boston Plastic Surgeon Featured on Match.com Discussing Personality Traits

The purpose of this press release is to announce Jeffrey Spiegel’s contribution to a recent personality study featured on Match.com.

Online PR News – 25-June-2013 – Boston, MA – Renowned Boston plastic surgeon Jeffrey Spiegel recently contributed to a Match.com (www.match.com/cp.aspx?cpp=/cppp/magazine/article0.html&articleid=13315&ER=sessiontimeout target="_blank" class="highlight_link">http://www.match.com/cp.aspx?cpp=/cppp/magazine/article0.html&articleid=13315&ER=sessiontimeout) article entitled “Hidden Personality Clues” which addresses the significance of first impressions. The article, penned by Laura Schaefer, addresses the relationship between appearance, perception, and personality traits, using researched opinions from professionals like Spiegel. The article reveals that the snap judgments we make about people based on facial features are more accurate than we might believe.

Spiegel, as a double board certified Boston plastic surgeon, offers an informed opinion early on in the piece regarding the connection between facial features and behavior. As he notes, the perceptions of an outsider “can shape the person being judged so that his or her behavior actually aligns with the trait the observer expects.” For example, as Spiegel further notes, women who present as stereotypically feminine are often seen as more trustworthy people, which in turn prompts them to behave in a trustworthy manner to meet these expectations.

The remainder of the article goes on to list a variety of different facial shapes and features and their corresponding personality traits. A wider masculine face, for instance, signals a self-sacrificing personality. Likewise, a perfectly symmetrical face, often perceived as beautiful, corresponds to a positive attitude since, as Spiegel notes, “people who are attractive are perceived in ways that are desirable” and they then reflect that positive reaction outward.

Company Information:

Jeffrey Spiegel is the chief Boston cosmetic plastic surgeon at Boston University Medical Center’s Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Spiegel and his team of board certified plastic surgeons offer a range of services, including facelifts, nose surgeries, and other cosmetic adjustments and enhancements. For more information please visit www.drspiegel.com target="_blank" class="highlight_link">http://www.drspiegel.com>.

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