Now User can utilize INDEX Field Feature in Aspose.Words and can also reduce DOCs size

Aspose has released new version of Aspose.Words in .NET and Java in which it has introduced many new features like INDEX Field Update, Reduce file size and support for HTML5.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – lahore, punjab – The long awaited version of Aspose.Words for Java & .NET 13.5.0 has been released. This release provides support for Updating INDEX Field by the Field Engine.An INDEX field in a Microsoft Word Document is an alphabetical look up list of interesting keywords in the document and the page number they are found on. Index entries are marked using index entry fields (the XE field). Starting with this release, Aspose.Words supports updating this field and can build the contents of the index field from scratch. Simply call Document.UpdateFields to update all fields in the document including the INDEX field.The second round of improvements to the Structured Document Tag API has begun. These improvements are to provide new features when working with structured documents tags that we couldn’t quite squeeze into the release of the first API. This month release includes several new SDT features, including Data Binding of Structured Document Tags to Document Properties. This feature involves special structured document tags that are linked to a document property. Aspose.Words now supports these types of structured document tags so the correct value is used.Moreover this release also improved Font embedding behavior to decrease output file size. The list of new and improved features in this release is listed below:

• Update of the INDEX field is supported by the field update engine.
• The HTML parser inside Aspose.Words now conforms to the HTML 5 Specification.
• Implemented booklet rendering and printing according to multiple pages setup.
• Supported MS Word 2010 text effects (e.g. shadows, outlines, 3d-looks etc.) roundtrip for DOCX.
• New public Paragraph.GetEffectiveTabs() method now allows to get fully resolved tabstops.Multiple pages setup options are added to the public API and roundtrip for DOC/RTF/DOCX/WML is supported.
• StructuredDocumentTagdatabinding to document properties supported.
• Generation of ordinal/cardinal list labels in Spanish and Portuguese.
• Improved text wrapping, it now uses correct shape boundaries with 3d effects, rotations, shadows etc for Square/Top-Bottom wrapping types.
• Added support for the "Balance SBCS characters and DBCS characters" compatibility option.
• Added options of different font embedding for optimal PDF output size.
• DrawingML Charts rendering enhancements: overlap option, depth grid lines, trend lines, subcharts for pie charts.
• List labels in Portuguese appears in English during rendering is fixed
• Support INDEX field updating.
• Incorrect WordArt rendering is resolved.
• Root / ordinalTextis not supported for Spanish.
• /import floating image/ Consider preserving