Peak Body Transformation Announces Summer Partner Discounts

Peak Body Transformation announces that beginning June 24, partners can receive a significant discounts when they sign up with an existing member plan. For a limited time, any member who signs up a partner receives the partner’s membership at a $50 discount.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – USA – Plano, Texas — Peak Body Transformation has announced new partner discounts at their Plano and Lewisville locations. Beginning on June 24, partners who sign up on an existing member plan will receive a $50 discount on their membership. This offer is good for a limited time, so interested family of members such as spouses and children are encouraged to take advantage of this special now!

As the summer session at Peak Body Transformation’s Lewisville and Plano fitness locations draw closer, members can take advantage of a special pricing offer to get partners in on the fun. When members pay for a full session of exercise classes in Plano or Lewisville, partners can also sign up with a $50 discount. These partners are limited to live in partners such as spouses and children and represent an easy way to get the family exercising!

This discount makes it easy for couples and parents with children to take advantage of the unique Peak Body Transformation system and help those they love get fit. Partners do not have to attend classes together to receive the discount. In fact, once they sign up, each client will receive personalized fitness advice, coaching and a plan to take off pounds, increase cardiovascular fitness and work on personal fitness goals. While members are certainly welcome to attend classes together, each member has his or her own individual fitness plan tailored to fit lifestyle needs and fitness objectives that are appropriate for age, weight and current fitness level.

Peak Body Transformation is more than a fitness boot camp in Plano and Lewisville. It is also a system that allows users to develop their own personal fitness goals and reach them through exercise, diet and lifestyle changes. Peak Body Transformation provides professional advice and support from fitness trainers in Lewisville and Plano so that members can reach their own goals easily and develop habits that will last for a lifetime of fitness.

To achieve lasting fitness, Peak Body Transformation offers convenient payment plans. Members can pay half of the membership fee at signup and pay the other half by the Friday of Week 3 of the plan. The split-payment plan applies to full-price or discounted memberships and makes it easier for everyone to afford personal fitness training through Peak Body Transformation’s unique programs.

At Peak Body Transformation, the client’s fitness goals are always the focus. Peak Body Transformation has a proven track record of helping individuals reach their own fitness objectives through personal training, group exercise opportunities, nutrition counseling and the latest research-based fitness techniques.

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Peak Body Transformation offers exercise classes in Lewisville and Plano that will get clients into the best shape of their lives. With Frisco kickboxing, kettlebell classes, one-on-one nutrition and fitness counseling and a flexible schedule, clients can get fit in a way that fits easily with their own lifestyles. Peak Body Transformation’s flexible payment options and discounts make fitness attainable for everyone in the family.

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