Hollywood Film “The Great Gatsby” Influences Costume Trends by Increasing Demand for 20’s Costumes

With “The Great Gatsby” being released this week and 1920’s nostalgia and glamour making a comeback in pop culture and fashion design, PureCostumes.com predicts that 20’s themed costumes will be a huge trend this Halloween season.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – Los Angeles CA – The 1920’s was an extremely unique era in American history. It was a time of many societal changes, including a new age of progressive women and the infamous Prohibition. While this flashy decade has always been fascinating, pop culture has recently become even more obsessed. With the upcoming theatrical release of “The Great Gatsby,” the 1920’s has been revived in a major way. Its influences have infiltrated all aspects of pop culture, but have especially been prominent in fashion design. As a result, costume designers have also picked up on the trend, fueling the increasing demand for 1920’s costumes.

Since the beginning of the year, the fashion scene already began to see high-end designer creations that feature 1920s-inspired elements and themes. Feathers, detailed beading, fringe, and sequins are all stylistic features that were prominent during the 1920’s. These same features are now depicted throughout all areas of women’s fashion, from hats to blouses to dresses to shoes. This noticeable trend has also transferred into costume designs. For 2013, many manufacturers released new lines of 1920’s flapper and gangster costumes. While some retained more traditional designs, many incorporated more modern cuts and fabrics in an attempt to replicate the costumes used in “The Great Gatsby.”

With so much excitement attached to the release of “The Great Gatsby,” it is expected that 1920’s themed costumes will be quite popular this year. Although it’s still early in the Halloween season, PureCostumes.com is already seeing an increase in the demand for flapper costumes. In order to stay on top of trends, PureCostumes.com has decided to grow its existing selection of flapper costumes for adults, teens, and children. Many are already available for purchase now, but some are still on pre-order and are scheduled to ship within the next few months. By broadening its catalog, Pure Costumes aims to become a top destination for 1920’s Halloween costumes this year. As Hollywood continues to pave the path for pop culture trends, Pure Costumes will make it a vital part of its business to keep its finger on the pulse of current events and cater to market demands.

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