36creative, Award Winning Creative Agency Has Logo Featured on LogoLounge

LogoLounge releases top design trends for 2013, 36creative Boston Area agency named in the selection.

Online PR News – 24-June-2013 – WINDHAM, N.H. – Since the low in 2008, Boston area creative agencies have been making a comeback, growing in billings by double digit percentages and claiming brand relationships with World respected brands such as Acura, Dragon, iRobot, Benjamin Moore, Phillips, Volvo, and Jack Daniels just to name a few. Among these agencies, Mullen, Forge Worldwide, Arnold Worldwide, and 36creative are making strides to keep the creative field fresh by staying abreast of technology, online trends, market volatility, and tested brand/market strategy.

In line with this strong Boston creative, LogoLounge has recognized and showcased a Boston area brand development agency for their progressive logo trends by showcasing 36creative in the Top Fifteen Trends of 2013.

The logo was chosen out of thousands of submitted logos and is a significant reflection of the constant progression of this young firm.

The logo featured on this website is “29 Rhino”, and falls underneath the “slash” category. It includes a silhouette of a rhinoceros head with the number 29 in white letters over the top of it. Next to the head is a slash and then the word “rhino” appears. According to LogoLounge, the slash is trendy because it is a “clean visual substitute that allows us to connect or build separation between concepts or entities.” Directly underneath the image, 36creative is given credit for developing the design.

Being recognized as a trendsetter in the development and design of logos is quite an accomplishment for 36creative, as only a handful of designs were able to be featured on LogoLounge’s website. Being an innovative designer is just one of the many services this company offers to all their customers. For more information please visit: http://36creative.com

About the Company
36creative is a Boston creative agency that offers online marketing services to large and small businesses alike. They strive to keep up with the latest trends in marketing in order to help make your business a success. For more information, visit their website at https://36creative.com/ or call them at 1-855-36create.

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