Dream Shuttles Announces Limousine Service in Denver for Kids as Well as Adults

Premiere Denver limousine service in Denver, Dream Shuttles, has announced transportation packages perfect for kids as well as adults.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – USA – Denver, Colorado — Premiere Denver limousine service , Dream Shuttles, has announced flexible transportation systems that are perfect for kids as well as adults. While many companies that offer a party bus in Denver and Denver limousine service focus on the party circuit, Dream Shuttles goes further, offering a variety of solutions for families with children.

Many families know that when it comes to celebrating chidlrens' special days, a limousine is an affordable and safe method of transportation. Whether gathering for special events such as a quincinera, barmitzvah, first communion, prom, or a variety of other family events, concerts, and church activities, hiring a Denver limousine service is an affordable and stylish way to transport precious cargo such as children. This offers parents a safe way to ensure their child arrives at an event and leaves an event safely.

To accomodate busy families, Dream Shuttles allows up to one hour of driver and vehicle time to pick up children, even from multiple locations. Children can also be returned on a separate trip if necessary. When a Dream Shuttles limo in Denver transports children, safety and security are the primary concerns. Drivers are trained to handle large groups and always ensure that children follow all safety rules for riding a limo in Denver.

This does not mean that the children do not have fun, however. As one of the leading providers of party bus and limousine services in the Denver area, Dream Shuttles is known for its stunning limousines and buses that are designed to minimize inconvenience and maximize safety. With step-on curb heights and incredible light and sound systems, a Dream Shuttles limo or bus is a great way to transport kids and keep them entertained on a long ride.

Parents are welcome to join their children on the ride, as well. With seating capacity up to 20, long bench seating, and six-foot ceiling heights, Dream Shuttles party buses can handle crowds of any size and ensure that everyone has a safe, fun ride to celebrations and events.

About Dream Shuttles:

Dream Shuttles is a Denver party bus service that provides buses and limousines with special features that make them the most convenient way to transport large groups. With step-on and step-off floor heights to prevent trips and slips, long benches for easy seating and premium light and sound effects, Dream Shuttles can provide a great vehicle for any transportation requirements. Dream Shuttles drivers are professionals who are licensed and trained to operate vehicles safely and to transport large groups effectively. Dream Shuttles is the perfect way to transport groups of up to 20 in a safe and fun environment.

For More Information: http://www.dreamshuttles.com