All Belly Pregnancy Workout by Ryan Watson and Flavia Del Monte Is Out

Flavia Del Monte and Ryan Watson have teamed up to create All Bell Pregnancy, the most researched and up-to-date fitness program for pregnancy women to date. But is the program safe? Does it work and is it worth purchasing?

Online PR News – 24-June-2013 – Medford, OR – With the release of the All Belly Pregnancy workout not only are many pregnant and soon-to-be pregnant women excited, but so are many of the fitness experts and trainers. With such a lack of solid, tested and safe information available, many are excited to be able to recommend All Belly Pregnancy program as the go-to program for women looking for good advice and safe information for working out and eating during pregnancy.

After doing just a little research and reading a few of the different All Belly Pregnancy reviews online one will quickly be able to determine that the All Belly Pregnancy workout and diet program was actually a team effort. Put together by two of the industry's leaders, Ryan Watson and Flavia Del Monte, this program has big expectations.

Because of his pure size and physique, one's first impression of Ryan Watson might be that he couldn't possibly know anything about training pregnant women. That assumption would be a mistake. To those "in the know" Watson is an established trainer and is fantastic at helping women train and eat during their pregnancy months. After finding out she was pregnant herself, Flavia Del Monte had just one trainer in mind to help her stay as fit and healthy as she could during her pregnancy, Ryan Watson.

"I'll admit -- the first time I saw Ryan training a pregnant woman I thought to myself, "What does a big bodybuilder and former NFL lineman know about training pregnant women? ... I was shocked when I learned that Ryan has individualized dozens of workout programs for pregnant women and through that process developed the All-Belly Pregnancy workout, while avoiding over exercising and protecting your baby." - Flavia Del Monte

Watson didn't create All Belly Pregnancy on his own. Flavia Del Monte, the creator of two of the most popular workout programs for women, Full-Body-Licious and Curvalicious, certainly had something to bring to the table. Ignoring her background and certifications as an RN, CPT and being PN Certified, Mrs. Del Monte put her nose to the books and has conducted intensive scientific research to round out this program.

The workout and diet aspects to the All Belly Pregnancy workout is based on scientific findings and real-world application. The workouts and dieting approach are safe and effective. Speaking of her own healthy and enjoyable pregnancy, Flavia adds "I contribute my pregnancy health to the powerful dietary recommendations I share in ABP on what to eat and what not to eat. I also teach ladies how to make healthy food delicious, because if food doesn't taste good, look good, smell good, and feel good, you can be sure that most pregnant women won't eat it."

All-in-all, the All-Belly Pregnancy workout program is a solid, safe and effective way to stay fit and healthy throughout one's pregnancy.

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