DiscountMugs Announces New BPA-Free Reusable Aluminum Water Bottles
08/01/2009 announces a new line of BPA-free reusable aluminum water bottles.

Online PR News – 01-August-2009 – – Miami, FL ( Onlineprnews ) July 31, 2009 – announces a new line of BPA-free reusable aluminum water bottles. These water bottles are top-of-the-line, eco-friendly, and are cheaper than most water bottles you find on the market today. In an effort to promote a healthy environment, has launched this line of custom water bottles to help people drink their water with the earth on their minds. By replacing plastic bottles with these reusable aluminum water bottles, people can be more earth conscientious.

The fact that these printed water bottles are BPA-free is also another effort on's ( part. The company is trying to help people be more health conscientious. Since the bottles are BPA-free, they do not carry the chemical that mimics estrogen and can cause prostate cancer. Most plastic bottles carry BPA and are harmful to your body. But, is now offer these BPA-free bottles at tremendous savings so that everyone can afford them and be healthy.

An added plus about these customized water bottles is that they can be used as promotional products. They can be used to promote businesses, fund raisers, corporate events, and school events. Anything you need to promote, these water bottles can do it for you. All you have to do is have your logo printed on the side of the aluminum water bottles, which can do for you, and give them away for free. What is great about this is that you are not only using them for promotional purposes, you are helping people be healthy and helping the environment be healthy.

Eco-friendly water bottles are not just a trend. They are something that everyone needs to consider using if we are going to protect our environment. Companies like not only understand this, they implement it through their products and services. is going green by offering reusable water bottles.

With their everyday low prices, purchasing these water bottles will not weigh heavy on your budget. They are just as much cost-effective as they are healthy. One simple reusable water bottle ( can cost as little as $2.99—and you can keep refilling it whenever you want. A plastic bottle of water at your local grocery store can cost that much and you end up throwing the bottle away. Think how many times you buy a bottle of water like this and how much you are wasting, not to mention risking your health and that of the environment's.

To make it even easier on people to use reusable aluminum water bottles, ( is offering free set up and free shipping.

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