Exclusive Indian healthcare platform NeedStreet now loaded with more features

“NeedStreet Health” has launched an update which has loaded the online healthcare platform with some unmatched features and ultimate Indian Doctor search.

Online PR News – 24-June-2013 – 24th June, 2013 - Trivandrum – Since 2010 NeedStreet health has brought a innovative and futuristic approach to the healthcare sector in India. Through the Virtual Practice, NeedStreet has added convenience to the patients along with better connectivity for the doctors, hence bringing Indian healthcare into everyone's homes. The platform's features have been updated regularly which includes the recent addition of the iOS app for Doctors and patients. The Android version was released long back.

Speaking about the mobile apps, the NeedStreet's spokesperson says, “We have unique apps for patients as well as Doctors. The patient app is called the “Health Diary” which helps people to organize and maintain their health records. The Doctor app termed the “Mobile Doctor” performs as a Virtual online clinic”.

According to the official news source of NeedStreet, this online healthcare platform released a new update last week, which has bettered the Doctor search along with adding features such as “ask a doctor” and “online appointments”. NeedStreet's spokesperson adds, “Doctor search is now made simpler with the introduction of all-in-one search concept. You can find the best doctors around you using NeedStreet search by simply looking up Doctor's/ Clinic's name, specialization, treatment options or illnesses. Once your find the Doctor, you have options such as 'Ask a doctor', 'Online appointments' and 'Virtual practice' to connect with. Simply said, we have brought Indian healthcare right into the patient's home.”

He added that NeedStreet now has expanded its coverage to doctors and clinics all over India. “We were initially focusing on connecting patients and doctors in cities such as Bangalore, Trivandrum and Chennai. The platform now has expanded to whole India. With the update launched last week, doctors and clinics from all over India are ready to be found. The availability of doctors in each area is increasing everyday as well”.

With the mobile apps, a refined doctor search and features such “Ask a Doctor”, NeedStreet is all set to change the conventional approach to healthcare in India and add convenience to people's lives.

About NeedStreet

NeedStreet is aimed at connecting the service providers with consumers though online platforms. NeedStreet Health focuses on Indian healthcare and connects doctors all over India to the patients. For more information, visit https://www.needstreet.com