Affiliate HD Google Hangout Reveals the Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Jason Fladlien shares startling revelations in Google Hangout including how an upcoming change to Google's GMAIL is certain to have an adverse effect on the revenues of affiliate marketers who rely heavily on email marketing.

Online PR News – 23-June-2013 – London, UK – In a recent Google Hangout for Affiliate HD, Jason Fladlien laid bare the truth about affiliate marketing.

He explained:

~ Why most affiliate marketers lost affiliate commissions;

~ How cloud-based technology was having a negative impact on affiliate marketing; and

~ Why the Gmail tab update is going to further reduce the effectiveness of email marketing.

However, what he shared was not all gloom and doom. Jason Fladien also shared

~ How affiliate marketers could prevent the loss of affiliate commissions;

~ How affiliate marketers could leverage cloud-based technology;

~ Alternative techniques to promote products; and

~ What marketers should be focusing on building instead of email lists.

Above all, he stressed that it was time to change affiliate marketing techniques or perish and that the next 8-10 months would be particularly critical for marketers. He said that those who were able to successfully evolve their marketing practices, as the Internet marketing platform undergoes rapid changes, would thrive while those who continued to market in the same manner would effectively perish.

Affiliate HD is Jason Fladlien's new 12-week interactive affiliate marketing training program. A distinction about this coaching program is that it is designed to teach you how to build an affiliate marketing business and as such the course includes modules on scaling and outsourcing so that you can increase your affiliate commissions while decreasing your time commitment. In addition, it also includes a module on how you can sell your affiliate business, or at least portions of it, and retire.

You can download a PDF of a summary of the highlights of this Google Hangout from the website below. And, for a limited time, you can also gain access to a replay of this Google Hangout via the same website or at the URL below:

The Hangout provides several effective affiliate marketing techniques that you can immediately apply to your own affiliate marketing business.

You can see an overview of the Affiliate HD coaching program at:

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