Bid Online For Japanese Used Cars On Japan Live Auctions, By Zulfiqar Motors Co., Ltd

Now you can bid directly for new and used both types of vehicles on Zulfiqar Motors Co., Ltd's website.Zulfiqar Motors Co., Ltd launches the Japan Live Auctions Service for their beloved customers.

Online PR News – 22-June-2013 – Saitama – Japan has earned the all trust points in many fields. The country is leading the world in many industrial researches like Science, Technology, Machinery and Medical. Japan has also the 3rd largest budget of world at $130 billion only for research and development and dedicated almost over 677,731 researchers for this. Although Japan is making a progress by leaps and bounds in many fields yet the industry of automobile is standing at the front and has gained the enormous attention over the globe. Since 1904 when Torao Yamaha produced first stream engine bus, the automakers of Japan never looked back and continued to do wonders in the automotive industries. Now, we have some unbelievable vehicles to use made by Japan.
In recent years, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and some other giant automakers from Japan has captured a huge share in the vehicles industry. More than 60% of cars are used over the globe produced by Japanese automakers. Reason that makes a Japanese car so special is the reliability, design, fuel efficiency and unbelievable resale value. The resale value of Japanese cars is one of the best edges and it is said that over 80% of millionaires are currently using the used cars and vehicles of Japan.
Currently the business Japanese used cars and vehicles are growing and budding in many countries. Whether we are sitting in USA or Australia, Caribbean islands or Europe, Middle East or Africa, Asia or Canada, all have the rising demand for used cars made by Japan. Now people are considering it a valuable way of getting a reliable car to buy a Japan used car instead of buying brand new luxurious cars. Because all the Japanese automakers are now manufacturing vehicles having luxurious looks along with the fuel efficiency. That was the first part of a speech given by the spokesperson of Zulfiqar Motors Co., Ltd in Dubai during the launch of Japan Live Auctions on the official website.
Zulfiqar motors Co., Ltd the leading Japanese used cars exporter perceives that this is a great chance for all the used cars exporters to make their business count. “If we have to make the Japanese automobile industry do better than now, we have to push it through the used cars section too”, said by one of the spokesperson of the company.
Talking about Japan Live Auctions Service on the official website of Zulfiqar Motors Co., Ltd, He said that it imposes a great responsibility on our shoulders to satisfy thousands of our customers by bringing new creativity to make the buying process from Japan Auction easier than before. The spokesperson said that we had a plan back in the start of this year in which we mentioned that we would make buying process as easy as the customer wants. We set our roadmap and started working on it 2 months ago and today we feel very happy to see many of our customers are bidding directly from their country to in Japan used cars auctions. We feel proud that we have just solved this problem by introducing Japan Live Auctions Service. We are getting the positive points as we are continuously getting the positive customer feedback. Emails, calls, faxes and other recourse are telling that we have done it once more.
During the lunch, he said that considering the people’s choice and their satisfaction, we are bringing more prolific improvement in the Japanese used cars online marketplace to make the buying and selling both process as easy as our customer wants.