SQL Recovery Tool That Can Now Fix SQL Page Checksums

SysTools SQL Recovery software is updated to version 4.7. It has an advanced feature, which is to fix page checksum in SQL Server. Now, the software can work in all major corruption issues. This new version will have all the previous features along with this new added feature.

Online PR News – 04-June-2010 – – Gothenburg, Sweden, June 03, 2010 – An extensively used product, SysTools SQL Recovery software is released in new 4.7 version having an advanced feature to fix page checksum in SQL Server besides working for all other major corruption issues.

An SQL Server MDF file is logically divided into pages. Whenever SQL Server writes a page, it calculates checksum and stores it in page header before writing to the hard disk. This checksum is calculated on the basis of some formula. Next time, when SQL Sever loads that MDF file, it recalculates the checksum for that page and checks if it is matched with the checksum that is stored in page header. If they both match, it understands that the page has not been modified or corrupted from the time it was written to the disk to the time it loaded the MDF file. If the checksum doesn’t match, then it realizes that there is some corruption and the data has been modified. SysTools SQL Recovery software can now work towards recovering data from corrupted file, which has been corrupted due to this checksum mismatch.

Regarding this feature enrichment (to fix page checksum mismatch for SQL database recovery), Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) says, “We want that our users get a one-stop SQL repair solution and for that we are working towards making SysTools SQL Recovery software a complete solution that will work in all sorts of corruption cases.” A beneficial thing for the users is that this new software version will have all the previous features along with this new added feature to fix innodb page checksum. SysTools SQL Recovery v4.7 is presently available in two licenses – one is the Personal License for $129 and other is the Business License for $229.http://www.sqlrecoverytool.com