New Company, Idylc Homes, Launches Its First Product, Eco Friendly Produce Bags

Idylc Homes, a new company that just opened its doors last month, has recently launched its first of many products. The new product is a reusable eco-friendly produce bag.

Online PR News – 22-June-2013 – Phoenix/AZ – New company, Idylc Homes, was founded last month and is ready to roll out its first of many products. The new product is a washable "Green" mesh bag in four sizes. The mesh bags come packaged as a 4-bag Produce Bags Mix Pack and each package includes small, medium, and large washable produce bags, along with a bonus reusable mini net bag with pop-lock.

The bags are well-constructed from fine weaved mesh. They are very compact, which makes them easy to take to the grocery store, to work or school or on vacation. They will hold nuts, fruits or vegetables. The fine mesh design makes the bags transparent enough for the PLU Code to be easy for the grocery store check-out scanner to read. They have a lifetime unconditional warranty.

Idylc Homes is a new company with plans to manufacture a whole line of products designed to cut down on the plastic and other waste materials that Americans throw away each year. Their research has shown that one plastic bag takes approximately a thousand years to degrade and it remains toxic in the soil and water even after it breaks down. They point out that a shocking 46,000 pieces of plastic debris can be found on every square mile of our oceans, which are one of our planet's major natural resources.

Idylc Homes is passionate about teaching and helping Americans to reduce their ecological footprint by making better choices when it comes to things like plastic bags and containers. The Produce Bag Mix Pack includes a large 14x15 inch bag, a medium 11x13 inch bag, a small 7x9 inch bag and a bonus mini-bag that measures 4 ½ x 5 ½ inches.

According to company founder and CEO, Jason Decena, "We created our company because we believe it's time for Americans to wake up to the truth about recycling. It's no longer optional. We must all begin to do our part in order to save our planet's precious natural resources for future generations. If we could even get 30% of Americans using reusable produce bags, we could keep millions of plastic bags out of our landfills and oceans."

Recently, San Francisco issued a ban on the use of plastic grocery bags and many experts believe that other city leaders will follow suit. Over 200 million plastic bags are used each year in San Francisco alone, which is a city of about 740,000 people. The nationwide plastic bag usage numbers continue to skyrocket each year.

The Produce Bags Mix Pack is currently being sold through They are fully washable and can be used over and over for many years. They are convenient to use and store. This Idylc Homes product will come with a full lifetime unconditional guarantee.