Southern California Restaurant Turns Bad Publicity on its Heels

ProAbition, the self-proclaimed Sophisticated Speakeasy in Riverside, CA turns social media out-cry over a dress code into a good deed donating Over $2000 to the American Cancer Society.

Online PR News – 21-June-2013 – Riverside, CA – A newly opened whiskey lounge and restaurant in Downtown Riverside, stepped on a few toes when some took offense to its dress code. Fine print in a flyer posted to ProAbition's Facebook proclaimed, “Women must wear heels”, however, exceptions would be made due to injury. It wasn’t long before the wrath of some on social media made its way to the Press Enterprise, KTLA news, Fox News, Yahoo, and others.

Comments on their Facebook page ranged from; “Boycotting and calling the dress code sexist,” to, “It’s their business to do as they is this any different than a bar promoting a Ladies Night?” The owners insist that they never meant to offend anyone. Furthermore, this dress code was for a specific event, after dinner-hours.

ProAbition was quick to use the nation-wide publicity to make light of the issue and promote an event to help HEEL Cancer and raise money for the American Cancer Society. On Wednesday, June 19th, they donated 25% of every check to the American Cancer Society. Additionally, if the patrons wore their heels, 50% was donated. Not to be sexist, if men wore heels ProAbition donated 75% of their check to the cancer organization. By the end of the night the tally was well over $2000.

Boycotting and calling the dress code sexist

“It would have been a shame if we didn’t use all of this publicity for something good. It was the perfect opportunity to help HEEL Cancer,” explained one of the owners of ProAbition Whiskey Lounge and Kitchen.


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