Never Pay for Children's Clothing Again! First Company of It's Kind to Allow Borrowing?

Tired of paying full retail price for clothing that simply gets stained or ruined in a few short months time? NO MORE is the motto of a small company in Florida, that now allows you to rent clothing!

Online PR News – 04-June-2010 – – Moms all over America are cheering for the new hip children's company that allows you to get a full wardrobe for your child, and then send it back and receive a new wardrobe in one size up for your child every few months!
The company began when the small business owner, who also is a full time mom discovered that her 2 children were out growing their clothing so fast, that she spent the majority of the time trying to resell the clothing on craigslist.
"The clothing was always in good shape, and would sell, it was just so frustrating on how quickly I would need to buy more clothing for my 2 children says the owner and founder of is a revolutionary idea that allows parents to purchase an entire wardrobe for their child size preemie through tweens, and then once the child has out grown the clothing, the parent can then resend the clothing lot back and get a brand new clothing lot in return in the size that the parent requires. A monthly membership fee covers all new lots for the duration of the membership.
Because the idea is so new and hip, only allows 500 members at any given time.
We have moms in California, and moms in Wisconsin. All of our moms can see a good deal and love saving money while taking care of their children says Andrew a regional salesman for
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