Music Presents Energies Of Feelings And Nostalgic Emotions Stored In The Instruments Themselves

Dasi, a LA-based musical collective of the ambient and meditation styles has just released their first album through the label Healing Chime Audio

Online PR News – 22-June-2013 – New York – The self-titled album Dasi, takes the shape of a 61 minute adventure in soothing sound. This new release represents the culmination of highly talented musicians painting pictures of higher consciousness. Instead of presenting stories about people and things, it presents energies of feelings and nostalgic emotions stored in the instruments themselves.

Sounds of ocean waves from the Gulf of Mexico harmonize with centuries old primitive folk instruments. These places and objects have had unique lives and experiences that they bring to the musical table: an instrument that was built by hand and then played every night to square dancing folk in the deep south has had a story crystallized into it's musical DNA.

Every player who ever touched it has left part of his sonic signature inside of it and it is these signatures that Dasi has utilized in their craft. Each of the 10 musical tracks is created from an effort to clue in to the tones and rhythms that these sonic creatures [instruments] want to present to the world. In a way, Dasi gets out of the way and lets the instruments speak for themselves.

The results are stunning and beautiful songs sure to provide a tranquil, ambient, and mysterious atmosphere.

The opening track, Gravity features expressive chanted vocals, wondrous drones, and lush environmental soundscaping work. The music takes us away into an ethereal space of memory lit with flames of authenticity. This song blends layer upon layer together in perfect balance, the sounds flowing like a waterfall upon the ears.

Another wondrous song, Archlight brings in heavenly rays of light with an electric guitar reverberating ambient phrases of the heart. This one strikes deep within with a message of ancient memory, that everything is allright in the universe. Rich overtones and dynamic stereo imaging make this song a delight to hear again and again.

And another favorite, track 10, Waveballet trails on like a good conversation that you don't want to end. With ambient and ever-so slightly psychedelic surfer-sounding guitar work, it hangs easy in the mind, curling a final atmosphere of peaceful wavelets. After hearing the entire 61 minute album, we find a pleasant 'afterglow' of peace and self-satisfaction.

Pricing and Availability: Dasi is priced at $8.99 and is available in the Healing Chime Audio shop.

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