Executive Coaching Firm Announces Expanded Corporate Services

The renowned executive & leadership coaching firm, Grey Matters International, announces their recently expanded corporate & decision-skill refinement program

Online PR News – 21-June-2013 – Los Angeles/California – Grey Matters International, a highly regarded executive-level coaching and mental health improvement firm focusing on CEO-type coaching services, relationship renewal and private addiction & alcoholism recovery solutions, announces their recently enhanced "Management-Level Decision-Making Refinement Program"

With multiple satellite locations in major national and international markets such as; New York, Florida, California, Chicago, London, Singapore, Dublin, Paris and many others, Grey Matters International has established itself as a unique entity providing highly effective, VIP-type services often sought by CEO's, politicians, professional athletes, etc. Says company founder & CEO, Dr. Kevin Fleming, "High-level management personnel often fall into a common trap of overly identifying themselves in such a capacity which can adversely affect all facets of their lives...in many instances their leadership skills are phenomenal and yet, this same asset will literally tear apart other critical elements within their lives."

This new program focuses on executive-level decision makers that are seeking to improve their lives on a multitude of realms such as personal, professional, relationship and holistic. By utilizing a hybrid approach consisting of both, clinical and non-clinical protocols, Dr. Fleming has been able to create total paradigm shifts within the lives of many. A recently published article provides greater insight into the common pitfalls experienced by such individuals and is available online at: http://www.octanner.com/blog/2013/05/why-problem-solving-doesnt-create-great-managers-an-interview-with-dr-kevin-fleming.

Dr. Fleming boasts an impressive background featuring a multitude of published works as well as project partnerships with industry icons such as, Deepak Chopra and NY Times Bestselling Author, Adrian Gostick. Says Dr. Fleming in closing, "There is nothing so moving as seeing a highly successful individual, professionally speaking that is, be able to literally create an about-face shift in other facets of their lives such as, their marriage, their core happiness, the relationship with their kids and so on." Grey Matters International offers a myriad of programs that are centered around the belief that, if you're already good then why not be phenomenal - in more ways than one.

For more information on this or any of their other core recovery & solution-based programs, contact the Grey Matters Intentional staff 7 days a week at (877) 606-6161. Additional information is also available online at: http//www.greymattersintl.com.