I.R.I.S. Partner Meeting: The Future of Content to Process Technologies Enchants Partners

I.R.I.S. welcomed more than 100 information and document management experts to this year’s partner meeting. With our motto being ‘The Future of Content to Process Technologies’ the partner meeting promised to be our greatest event and attracted many industry experts.

Online PR News – 21-June-2013 – Aachen, Germany – Aachen, Germany, June 2013 – The stock exchange-listed company I.R.I.S. (EURONEXT Brussels: IRI), specializing in Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Information Infrastructure and Communication Technology (ICT) welcomed more than 100 information and document management experts from 13 countries and three continents to this year’s partner meeting in theme park Phantasialand.

With our motto being ‘The Future of Content to Process Technologies’ the partner meeting promised to be our greatest event and attracted many industry experts. The special venue, interesting presentations, honorable certification and awards ceremonies, good entertainment and excited conversations contributed to the partner meeting being a complete success.

‘We are delighted that so many of our partners, long-standing and new ones, attended the partner meeting. We received great feedback which shows that our partners value our work and our partnership’, Günter Hensges, CEO I.R.I.S. AG. Howard Frear, director of sales and marketing, Easy Software UK PLC confirms: ‘I am particularly pleased to be working with I.R.I.S. over the past years because they have a lot of experience in the market place and a lot of experience with the international customers in particular.’

I.R.I.S.’ technical teams were pleased to present new developments of IRISXtract™ for Documents which will be web-enabled and offers further technologies to optimize business processes. ‘I was amazed by the power of the software, what the software can do, how it’s possible to improve it, how easy it is to use,’ Rui Ferreira, Team Leader, GADSA Arquivo e Depósito SA.

Exhibits and sales presentations underlined that I.R.I.S. continuously develops their flagship product IRISXtract™ for Documents and that it is their utmost priority to maintain good and mutual partnerships worldwide. With his speech on ‘The Future of Capture Technologies’ Doug Miles, Director Market Intelligence AIIM, confirmed that there is a strong need for the technologies I.R.I.S. offers together with their partners. In a panel discussion international executives from HENRICHSEN AG, Scytl Secure Electronic Voting S.A., Salumatics Inc. and Scanpoint GmbH discussed their experience and visions regarding IRISXtract™ for Documents and their partnerships with I.R.I.S.. All of them were confident to have a successful future and strong partnership with I.R.I.S. ahead of them. Scott McMillan, Senior Vice President, Operations and General Manager Salumatics Inc. states: ‘The thing that is the most important between Salumatics and I.R.I.S. is the relationship and the people that are behind the scenes.’

The event was concluded with an amazing dinner show: guests enjoyed a four-course meal while watching a spectacular performance on stage. The get-together was not only entertaining but gave guests the opportunity to network and talk about trends in the marketplace, too. Andreas Karge, Owner WMD Vertrieb GmbH: ‘We have a long-lasting and very successful partnership with I.R.I.S. and I always look forward to coming to the annual partner meeting. It is the perfect opportunity to meet different industry experts and learn more about the marketplace.’

Gottfried Oster, Head of Partner Projecting CFT Consulting GmbH summarizes: ‘The I.R.I.S. partner meeting was the best event I attended since a long time. The presentations were highly informative and all in all very interesting. The atmosphere was amazing and the day was concluded perfectly thanks to the spectacular evening event. I am absolutely thrilled – this was an event which is difficult to exceed.’

About I.R.I.S.

Image Recognition Integrated Systems (I.R.I.S.) is a leading provider of ‘Content to Process‘ technologies. I.R.I.S. offers solutions for automatic invoice and order processing, HR and supplier records as well as case management in legal, healthcare, and finance sectors. I.R.I.S. provides technologies and solutions that capture data and information contained in documents, which are relevant to business processes. The goal is to make the data easily available while reducing operating costs.

I.R.I.S. has a headcount of more than 600 employees working in Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels (Belgium), Aachen (Germany), Orly (France), Windhof (Luxembourg), Amsterdam and Maastricht (The Netherlands), Delray Beach (Florida/USA), Hong-Kong (China), Oslo (Norway), Hellerup (Denmark) and London (UK).

The company with the headquarters being located in Belgium was founded in 1987. I.R.I.S is listed at the Euronext in Brussels and generated revenue of 150.3 million Dollars in 2011.

The division Products & Technologies is responsible for developing and selling solutions for document classification and data extraction. These solutions are based on the award-winning solution platform IRISXtract™ for Documents. Particularly, in the area of automatic invoice processing I.R.I.S. established a leading position in the market.