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The known advocated of the prison education programs have came together. They are now offering their services at for users.

Online PR News – 20-June-2013 – Jop Plaza Sec-18,Noida – The development of the society depends a lot on the people it is comprised of. These people just do not include the ones who are on the better side of life but also those who are not much fortunate or have a messed life. There evolution is also equally important for the development of the society. The prisoners are among those who also deserve a second chance to improve their lives.

In support of these prison inmates many bright minds of society with the noble cause of a more secured society have came up. They are supporting the prison education programs with their writings and other methodologies at

The website is a place where advocates of the education programs in the prisons and their betterment for the inmates have came forward. The major contributors and framers of this website are:

• Christopher Zoukis
• George Hook
• Randall Radic
• Dianne Frazee-Walker
• Andrew Chen

All of these people are notable law practitioners and authors as well as writers of many prison related media. They are actively supporting the cause of inmate education through their works on blogs, websites and publications. With their website they are providing a detailed description on all the aspects of these programs. They are in the field of law from considerable time period and know what it actually takes to tackle crime in the society.

According to them society can be a better place with the improved life standards of inmates as it leads to decline in crime.As the websites states that “Roughly 800,000 prisoners will be released into our streets each year and most of them will offend again and return to prison.” It is really a necessary to decrease the recidivism instinct in the prisoners to prevent them from committing crimes again and again.

On their websites these professionals are not only sharing the benefits of education programs and correctional education for the society. They are availing descriptive information on the importance of these programs for the government and the financial gains this kind of programs offer. For those who are the advocate of the prison programs this website is a source of many valuable resources.

Here there are also many publications and prison related news and articles shared with the users. These writings contain an insight into the world of prison and the environment the inmates deal with. As per the professionals at,education is the way for eternal enlightenment. Whether prisoners or anyone else education is important for all and that is why they are in support of these programs. According to them journey of miles is initiated with a single step and they see prison education programs as the ultimate solution to tackle crime.

On their website they are sharing their contact details for the users. Anyone can now reach them 24x7 on their website to get the help and also solution for their queries.As per them Prison doesn't have to be a hell hole and can be the recreational centers for inmates.