Unleash Your Thin: Review Covers The Program by Jonny Bowden

Dr. Jonny Bowden's program, Unleash Your Thin is out and the reviews are coming in. But does the diet work as well as everyone is saying?

Online PR News – 19-June-2013 – Medford, OR – Jonny Bowden has officially released his diet program, Unleash Your Thin. The program promises to aid dieters of all sorts finally lose the weight they've struggled to lose in the past.

Also, as many Unleash Your Thin Reviews online are pointing out, the diet also promises to help keep the fat off. How so? The program is based on extensive research conducted by Dr. Bowden himself as well as many others.

Included in the research that has been performed to develop this diet program is one study that was done on 300 women. In order to get as much solid data as possible, a team of researches assigned random women a certain diet program to follow.

There were four categories of diets:

- Extremely low carb
- Low-carbohydrate, high protein
- Very low fat
- High carb, moderately low-fat

After a full year of monitoring these women the researches found that the diets that performed the worst were actually the low fat diets where the low carb dieters lost and maintained the most overall weight loss. Does this mean that this is strictly a "low-carb" diet? No, that is only what this evidence found. Dr. Bowden and his team put together a complete and comprehensive course that is designed to accelerate fat loss as much as possible.

But who exactly is Jonny Bowden?

Dr. Jonny Bowden has a a wide array of credentials. He has a PhD in nutrition, a Master’s Degree in psychology and counseling, he has earned six national certifications in personal training and exercise, and he is board certified by the American College of Nutrition. In addition to this he is also a member of the prestigious American Society for Nutrition.

So how does Unleash Your Thin work?

The program starts off by identifying the two main causes of weight gain or the inability to lose weight: eating the wrong foods and a lack of willpower to diet correctly. After addressing these two main problems at the beginning, the program then moves to the four main steps:

1 - Prepare with Good Habits
This includes preparing one's mind as well as your kitchen.

2 - Flip On Your Fat-Burning Switch
Boosting one's metabolism and increasing the amount of fat that can be burned is done by eliminating the 9 problem foods that prevent weight loss.

3 - The Food Reintroduction Test
This is were the dieting systematically re-introduces food into the diet to identify the exact foods that are causing weight gain.

4 - Fine Tune Your Plan for Life
The final piece of Jonny Bowden's Unleash Your Thin program is to prepare one for long term success and to prevent and/or correct one from falling off the wagon.

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