SolarMaxx launch Solar Water Heater in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

A solar water heater can surely save your money and decrease your footprint on the environment.

Online PR News – 03-June-2010 – – A solar water heater can surely save your money and decrease your footprint on the environment. With the right solar system, you can save up to 50-80% of your current water heating bills! Solar energy water heating systems can also be one of the more affordable ways to begin using solar energy in your home.

In general, the systems of solar water heaters can be more expensive to purchase and installation of standard gas or electric water heating system. However, using a solar heater you will absolutely save money over the long term. By choosing to use the technology of solar energy you can expect to save about 50-80% on your electricity bill.

Generally there are two types of solar water heater: the two-tank and a tank and solar collectors are very few drawings, but in general, flat-plate is widely used on systems of solar water heaters. The solar collectors can be mounted on the roof of your home or on the ground and in both cases, better performance they should preferably be oriented to the south.

This is one of the vast benefits of solar hot water system. Once properly installed, they run in automatic mode. They need very little maintenance once they are put in place and functioning. All the systems come with an owner's manual that should cover the signs anything needs attention.

Advantages of Solar Water Heater:
• SAVE thousands on electricity, gas, coal, diesel or wood bills
• No Clogging & Choking unlike those old-fashioned copper tube solar water heaters
• Provide almost all of your hot water needs
• Cut a major part of your electricity, gas or wood bills
• Save tones of greenhouse gas emissions every year
• Hot Water all the time at Higher temperature
• Extremely long-life
• Maintenance-free
• Environment-friendly
• Negligible operating costs
• Quick pay-back-period
• Reasonable prices
• Get Electricity Rebate on domestic usage (State Government Rules Apply)
• Get Tax Benefits on commercial usage (Conditions Apply)

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