Premium wineglasses at the Coseta d’Or awards

The name for the traditional glass used for drinking malvasia wines has today become the title for the wine competition organized by the Hills of Parma Wine Consortium (Consorzio dei Vini dei Colli di Parma). The event will be held in Sala Baganza (Province of Parma) on the 15 and 16 of May, and Bormioli Rocco will be present as a sponsor, supplying 500 Premium wine tasting glasses.

Online PR News – 03-June-2010 – – From Torrecchiara to Maiatico: wine producers from the hills of Parma will be meeting in the town of Sala Baganza to take part in the Cosèta d’Or, the annual award event where an expert jury selects the best locally produced Malvasia.
The judges in action on the 15th and 16th of May will be drawn from the ranks of Italy’s leading wine guides: Ais, Gambero Rosso, Espresso and Veronelli.

Bormioli Rocco will be part of the event in its role as sponsor, supplying 500 Premium number 6 wine glasses, to toast the best brand of the year. Once again, the company has chosen to link its brand image with an event aimed at promoting the area’s quality expertise and offering incentives to local wine producers.

After the traditional opening press conference, the jury will convene on Saturday at 10 a.m. to taste the Malvasia wines entered for the competition. While the jury is at work inside the Rocca Sanvitale castle, a market fair of local products will be held in the gardens, and a photographic exhibition called “Sala e la Sale d’Italia” (Sala Baganza and the other Salas of Italy) will be inaugurated.
The jury’s verdict will be delivered at 5 p.m., followed by the award ceremony and the traditional toast drunk using the winning Malvasia. At 7.30 p.m. the Coseta d’Or Evening will begin, involving wine tasting stalls in various streets around the town. Everyone will be able to taste the delicious traditional gastronomic products of Emilia and the Sala Baganza area, including Parmigiano Reggiano, herb tortelli, torta fritta (fried cake) and prosciutto ham, salame, the bondiola cured meats and, of course, wines from all the producers connected with the event.

Bormioli Rocco’s Premium wine tasting glasses will be present precisely in order to bring out the best in these wines. Made from fine crystal glass, these glasses combine a shine and transparency similar to that of crystal with an extraordinary degree of functionality and practicality of use, including sturdiness and dishwasher compatibility.
The precise shapes and dimensions of these wine glasses have been studied and developed in collaboration with the Italian Sommeliers Association, with the aim of bringing out the best in the bouquets of white wines – such as the Malvasia wines in this event – but also reds and rosés. To be noted also, the way that the exceptional thinness of the glass, obtained through laser cutting, makes the contact between lip and rim even more pleasurable.

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