DevelopIntelligence Now Provides Ruby Software Training

The training curriculum to learning Ruby programming language is a multi-faceted, hands on course designed to provide web developers and designers with a substantial understanding of the new platform.

Online PR News – 21-June-2013 – Boulder, CO – June, 2013 – Along the lines of Java and .NET platforms, the Ruby language is a comparable alternative, with individual benefits. The Introduction to Ruby is the beginning step to accomplishing the complete Ruby Training conducted by DevelopIntelligence.

Initiation into the Language

The beginning of the course is a synapsis of what Ruby is, and how the platform is beneficial to the business of running and creating website pages. Topics such as where Ruby is used and the platforms competitive landscape are set up to provide participants with a better understanding of Ruby’s background and originality. The comprehensive first part of this three day training guides web creators and designers to the next step of how to actually program in Ruby, and even provides simple tips and tricks concerning programming techniques. In this introductory course, the client has the opportunity to examine things like writing object-oriented Ruby, and testing the programming using software like Cucumber and Selenium. The course is not just a lecture, but a practice of skill for each client.

To begin the Ruby training course, the process is made simple for the customer’s convenience. Its online form found on the company website is the first step to starting a personalized training course that will not only take into account the needs of the clients team members, but the client’s budget as well.

DevelopIntelligence prides itself as being the only technical training company to provide its audience with courses that are specifically outlined for each case. When an attendee of a training session can relate to the material and practice real-life application, then the understanding of the information is made easier and is a more efficient use of the audience’s time and money.

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