Air Ambulance Service Reunites Terminally Ill Man With His Family For His Final Hours

After being given 48 hours to live, a patient with terminal pancreatic cancer turns to Air Care Life Flights to transport him home so he could spend his final hours with family

Online PR News – 02-June-2010 – – On Thursday, May 27th, air ambulance company Air Care Life Flights, Inc. received a call from a terminally ill patient in immediate need of transportation. The patient (Mr. H) had been residing in a hospice facility in Fort Meyers, Florida. His family living in Tennessee was unable to visit often, and wanted him home for his final hours.

Due to his critical condition, Mr. H was unable to make a trip to see his family via ground ambulance not only because of amount of time the trip would take, but the stress that the motion of the drive would put on his body. He was also unable to take a commercial flight to see his loved ones, because of his need for onsite monitoring and medical services. The three hour flight with Air Care Life Flights would provide Mr. H with the medical care and comfort he needed to get to his family safely.

Within one hour of the phone call from the patient, ACLS CEO Steve Wallace had arranged for a flight Friday, May 28th. Of course, this meant that Mr. H could spend his last few days in the comfort of his own home, in his own bed, surrounded by his family.

Whether emergency or non-emergency, Air Care Life Flights strives to provide safe and reliable transportation for every patient. Utilizing highly trained medical staff, and top of the line medical and cardiac equipment, their dedicated network of flight providers are available 24/7. With over a thousand successful medical flights they boast a safety record free of air mishaps or loss of life during transport for those in need of emergency services or scheduled treatments in the U.S. and internationally.

Heart wrenching stories like this one are a part of Wallace’s everyday life, and a part of the reason he is so passionate about his work. “Families count on us to keep their loved ones safe in transit, and that’s what we do” he says.


Air Care Life Flights has the longest and safest track record in the medical flights industry. Steve Wallace, CEO of ACLS Inc., has been working with air ambulance services for over 30 years. He and his wife Karen began ACLS Inc. out of their home, and have transformed it into one of the most successful medical flight services in the world. For more information, contact Air Care Life Flights at 1-800-781-2959 or via e-mail at .

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