One Woman Revolution: Magazine Publisher and CEO, Angelia White

Angelia White, the CEO and publisher of Hope for Women magazine, provides insights and tips for success, even in the face of difficult obstacles, on the audio magazine The Bottom Line.

Online PR News – 03-June-2010 – – Washington, DC.- June 1, 2010- The face of hope has a new name. Meet Angelia White, the publisher and CEO of Hope for Women, a magazine which inspires and motivates women across the country. White shares her own story of struggles and loss, and how she channeled them to achieve success, in this months issue of The Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line, hosted by Ryan Prucker, is a monthly audio magazine providing on-the-go MP3 interviews, expert commentary, motivation, and insights for success in business and life. One of White’s personal insights is to expect the best, and never lose hope if these expectations are not met.

White embodies this inspirational message in her own life. Although she grew up in a small town, and suffered personal losses with the death of close family members, she never lost sight of her dreams; to inspire women to go for their own goals. “I wanted to create a magazine that was more inspirational and uplifting, to provide something for women and readers that would tap into ordinary or extraordinary women who had triumphed,” says White. Although her idea was initially to create an inspirational newsletter to reach 50-100 women, she has successfully turned this project into a magazine that inspires more than 50,000 women.

The most important advice White gives to others struggling to reach their goals is to reach out to others and find a mentor. “I think it’s very important that you make the connections and you build relationships because those are the people that inspire you and keep you motivated,” says White. She shares other insights including taking the first step toward your goal immediately, making the right kind of connections, with people who build you up instead of breaking you down, and maintaining passion for your goals.

“When you hear Angelia’s story of turning this personal idea into a major success, despite many challenges, it provides the inspiration we all need to keep going towards our own dreams,” says Ryan Prucker, host of The Bottom Line. As a results of these attributes, White has not only create a successful magazine, but have fueled her to now further her dream, by enhancing and expanding her website, and possibly bringing the magazine to newsstands.

Angelia White is the Publisher and CEO of Hope for Women, an inspirational magazine that provides motivational stories, as well as relationship, fashion, and financial tips to its over 50,000 readers. To find out more about White and view her blog, visit To hear the interview or learn more about The Bottom Line visit

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