PYO Gallery LA Presents Estrada Fine Art’s 8 Artists Exhibition

PYO Gallery LA & Estrada Fine Art Collaborate on Exhibition in the Spirit of Co-ompetition

Online PR News – 02-June-2010 – – LOS ANGELES – June 2, 2010 -- PYO Gallery LA, an international, cutting-edge, contemporary art gallery and Estrada Fine Art, a Los Angeles-based business dealing in private art sales collaborate on an exhibition entitled 8 Artists.

This exhibition brings together a collection of artists with diverse disciplines but with a unifying aesthetic truly deserving of attention from both collectors and critics.

The exhibit features the work of established, mid-career artist whose work is gaining deserved recognition. “This exhibition offers first-time buyers an affordable entry point into becoming fine art owners, while giving established collectors a venue to collectively view eight artists on the rise,” notes Estrada Fine Art founder Geneen Estrada.

The artists represented in the 8 Artists Exhibition include:

Donald Alberti ( works with the direct link of color and emotion, which he sees as one trajectory saying “It is the field that connects us all.” His “Cartesian Fallacies” series is described “These all but mechanically precise yet irregular-shaped works with their empty centres acquire an almost diagrammatical character from the series’ title, which introduces the idea of a flawed system dependent on the energy of irrationality.”

Dane Goodman (, works in a wide range of mediums, from large installations of sculpture to drawings, prints and soap carvings. “I like the way they relate to the real world…the things that rivet me are human relationships and the objects within the human relationships that we share.”

It is the field that connects us all.

Rose Kelly (, whose work has evolved from the art-to-wear/textile movement of the 1970s to an exploration of the human figure and condition, considers her artwork “investigating the issues of identity, mysticism and ritual.” A found object or sometimes a found phrase or poem will generate an idea for the piece, resulting in art that, ultimately, strives to tell a story.

Charles Luce (, is an explorer driven by his appreciation for diverse cultures, and the discovery of the unconscious pathways of the mind. He complements his ‘logical’ creative process with infusions of chance, notions from the unconscious realms and poetic illogic.

Robert Bagnasco Murray), ( whose assemblages have been described as “complex, biographical tableaux,” draws the eye of the viewer first because of his work’s provocative aesthetics. Murray’s manipulation of size, color, placement and subject matter enhances both the concept and visual stimulation, and the viewer gains insight into the cultural and social elements of the locale.

Helen Oji (, a contemporary visionary, her work “erupts” with motion, rich hues and deep texture. Her collective works are a fusion of her Japanese heritage and abstraction, calligraphy, and the unconscious. “My work is concerned with animations, change and physical substance. Through imagery and gesture of material, I want the work to envelop the viewer into its environment.”

David G. Peterson (, a photographer whose pieces were inspired by a chance meeting with Ansel Adams, where he realized photography could be more than a literal translation. “My inspiration is sparked by my love of nature, how the light illuminates certain environments and a sort of whimsy.”

Eugenie Spirito ( approaches her sculptural work with an inherent sensitivity for negative space. “As an abstract impressionist, I like to offer my audience recognizable subjects, but with a twist that makes the familiar seem exotic.”

Exhibition Details:

WHEN: Tuesday, May 27th through Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
10A – 6P
Tuesday - Saturday

Opening Reception
Saturday, June 5th, 2010
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

1100 S Hope Street #105
Los Angeles, CA 90015

PYO Gallery LA
Since 1981, PYO GALLERY has earned a reputation for exhibiting cutting-edge contemporary fine art in all genres. In addition to curating exclusive monthly exhibitions, PYO Gallery, with over 3,000 artworks in their collection, annually curates and exports fine art traveling exhibitions for major museums and galleries worldwide. PYO Gallery has five international gallery locations including Namsan (Korea), Jiuchang Art District (China), Chungdam-Dong (Korea), 798 Art District (China) and Los Angeles (USA).

Estrada Fine Art
Founded in 2005, Estrada Fine Art seeks to enhance people’s lives by helping them access the full power of art. “Art breathes life and vitality into our culture,” says owner and artist Geneen Estrada. She formed the company in order to help de-mystify art collecting for new collectors, as well as to offer incredible artwork to experienced collectors. “My goal is to specialize in the often overlooked artwork of many excellent established mid-career artists who have incredible bodies of work.”

Exhibition Contact: Geneen Estrada

PYO Contact: Meghan Crowley

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