Doosan joins Rolex and Lexus

Doosan joins Rolex and Lexus to co-sponsor The Open Championship Written By John Lavitt

Online PR News – 03-June-2010 – – Starting with the 2010 event, Doosan will be joining hands along with Rolex and Lexus in a five year sponsorship deal for The Open Championship. Rejoicing at the successful culmination of this deal, Tim Waples, Doosan Infracore UK general manager, said that the objective of this deal was to increase the visibility of the company not only for forklifts but for other businesses in UK and elsewhere in Europe. According to him, the championship is a prestigious event and associating with it would help the company improve its profile.

The Open Championship sponsored by Rolex at St Andrew’s is the Holy Grail for golfers around the world as they search for that elusive win that would propel them to superstardom. Tiger Woods, Open Champion 2000, 2005, stated that winning at St Andrew’s was the ultimate golfing experience for him. Another golf legend, Jack Nicklaus stated that a golfer must win at St Andrews in order to be remembered for a long time.

The Open Championship sponsored by Rolex is considered by many as the toughest golf championship in the world due to its challenging golf course. In order to become a champion a golfer has to negotiate through hazards at every turn. Of course, there have been instances of great shots being made that have earned golfers appreciation from around the world, but more often than not golfers are left with memories of innumerable misses and windblown shots. According to experts, a win here opens the doors to making history.

Businesses across the board want to associate with the Championship because of its rich heritage. Therefore, it was not surprising when Doosan chose to join hands with the Championship just like Rolex and Lexus. The company hopes to use this deal as a marketing strategy to catapult itself into the big league. Doosan is the first Korean company to support the championship, which will be broadcasted to large parts of America and Europe. The actual championship will be watched by an approximate of 250,000 people.

Rolex, co-sponsor of The Open Championship, is considered by many as the ultimate in luxury goods. The company was formed way back in 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law founded the Wilsdorf and Davis Company. Later this name was changed to Rolex and the company was incorporated in the year 1919, in Geneva, Switzerland. Rolex supports a wide range of sporting activities that includes golf, car racing, sailing, vintage car racing and so on. The main aim of the watch-maker is to provide support to new and emerging talent in sports. The winners are awarded with personal Rolex timepieces in order to encourage them to do even better. The support given by Rolex has brought forth more talent to the sporting arena than ever.

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