Blogging For Money Masterplan Video Course A Pathbreaking New Approach To Learning And Doing Interne

Mr. Ryan Murphy has launched a distinctive video course on internet marketing for entrepreneurs looking to establish online business. Named “Blogging For Money Masterplan,” the course provides detailed insight into how to generate more traffic and increase sales on the Internet.

Online PR News – 03-June-2010 – – If you have been taken for a ride by the ‘Make Money Online’ type ads doing round on the Internet world, which claim to make you a fast buck without much effort, then it is time to remember the old adage “there is no short cut to success.” The same has been repeatedly emphasized by Mr. Ryan Murphy in his newly launched website blogging for money masterplan is a full video training course for online marketing and blogging .While coming down heavily on such misleading ads by internet marketing ‘gurus’ (as he calls them), he shows the right way on how to make money as a blogger found through his own experiences.

Ryan Murphy is offering online marketing training videos for the people who wish to set up sincere, serious, and successful online business. These make money online videos are designed to explain every step in the process of how to go about actually doing it. Called “Blogging for money Masterplan,” the 11 chapter video course, is being offered in a breakup of three lifetime membership plans:

1. Silver: Priced economically at $10, it covers the first three chapters of the course.

Chapter 1 is about introduction to affiliate marketing and niche marketing; researching companies and deciding about the products; keyword research; and buying a domain and hosting.
Chapter 2 is about setting up the wordpress, including its installation, uploading the files, plug-ins, setting up a forum, and a theme or design.
Chapter 3 deals with blogging, including postings, targeting customers, and three ways to use wordpress blog, ecommerce, and hybrid.

2. Gold: This $200 membership covers the three chapters under the Silver membership and the remaining eight chapters.
Chapter 4 is about article writing and press releases.
Chapter 5 is about social marketing and social bookmarking.
Chapter 6 discusses the pay per click method of advertising and its usefulness in making money with blogs.
Chapter 7 is about the basics of video marketing, including viral marketing.
Chapter 8 details the use of picture marketing.
Chapter 9 is on sources of back links and directories.
Chapter 10 is about Web-2-Web interconnection.
Chapter 11 is about getting sales through a well-organized plan of action.

Apart from these, one gets three bonus videos in the same price summarizing the whole plan, one on personal work experience of Mr. Murphy as to how blog make money online and one on logo design.

3. Platinum: Priced at $350, this enables you to access the forum of all platinum members of the blogging for money masterplan course and where Mr. Murphy will keep bringing up new updates. You can be in direct touch with them and keep yourself updated about the new developments.

Besides these lifetime plans detailing on how to make money online using blogging, Mr. Murphy is also offering a website development and marketing service. The full package is priced at $1,200, and the development part will cost $600. However, the customer will be required to provide the written content and also set up the actual e-commerce part of the site. The sites he is offering to set up are simple blogs; e-commerce site for store front businesses and for internet marketing; social networking site; paid membership site; and a hybrid site, including the above features.

Mr. Murphy also welcomes donations chiefly to cover up the subsidized rates of the services he is providing.

Also, there is a provision that the customers will be able to access their accounts on maximum of four computers. This is to prevent account sharing.

The blogging for money masterplan is not a magic wand. Mr. Murphy honestly says, “If you don’t put in the work nothing will happen.”

you can visit us at:

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