Now Offers Exciting Fishing Videos

See it for yourself by watching the high quality fishing videos shot in Key West.

Online PR News – 31-July-2009 – – See it for yourself by watching the high quality fishing videos shot in Key West. Watch as Goliath Grouper, barracuda, sharks, sailfish and more sport fish are hauled in by local guides during Key West fishing trips this year. See how it's done by the experts, or just enjoy the show and feel the excitement of Key West fishing as it's caught on video.

Key West, FL, July 29, 2009 - The new video program on all charter boats brings you the action, even when you can't get away from your computer. Watch live action videos shot right on the boat while the best and biggest Florida Keys sportfish are hooked and released in Key West waters. Just click on the Key West Fishing Videos category for a full menu of clips to watch on your PC.

There's a very impressive Goliath Grouper in one of the clips, and for anyone who's never fished in Key West, it's hard to imagine such a large Grouper. Seeing is believing, and this video captures the immensity of the fish, formerly known as a Jewfish. Caught on a live bait Pompano, which looks big enough to eat already, the Goliath Grouper takes the bait and gets hooked, reeled up, and released, all caught on video. It's Key West fishing at its best, so naturally the anglers are excited. You can feel the energy as you view the clip, which is what this new video program is all about. Communicating the excitement of Key West fishing to anyone who wants to watch, and it's all free!

There are other large species targeted in Key West, none of which is caught for the table. Along with the Goliath Grouper, which is protected from harvesting, anglers also regularly catch shark and barracuda on these charter fishing trips. The new video program on also reveals how exciting it is to catch these very strong fighting fish. View a clip of a Bull Shark, one of the most agressive and feared sharks in Key West waters. Also watch as our guides and their guests catch barracuda. Barracuda are excellent fighting fish, and can be used as bait for shark fishing.

Sailfish are also purely sport fish, not eaten, but one of the most popular targeted fish in Key West. In winter and early spring, these cold water fish are targeted in deep water off Key West. Watch as one is hooked, showing a magnificent fight as it tries to throw the hook. If this exciting video doesn't get you amped for sport fishing in Key West, then all is lost!

To view our Key West fishing videos, simply go to and click on "Fishing Reports" at the bottom of the screen. From there, choose the "Key West fishing videos" category from the right hand navigation menu. Have fun!