Free MindDecider Project Offer

MindDecider offers a free new service for its customers – sample project request. Send your request and receive a ready project to deal with your personal decision-making task.

Online PR News – 31-July-2009 – – New Illusion Ltd is pleased to inform you on a new service – sample MindDecider project! If you want to evaluate our program but don’t have enough time and possibility to go deep into all these buttons and functions – just request your personal MindDecider project absolutely for free!

We will need the following information from you:
1. Statement of a task or a problem.
2. Variants of possible solutions (choices).
3. Criteria or parameters to estimate these variants.
4. Estimates of variants by criteria (optionally).

For example:
Task: We need to compare several investment projects.
Variants: Project A, Project B, Project C.
Criteria: feasibility, total costs, resource base, labour support, social benefits or some other at your option.
Problem: I can’t choose the best product.
Variants: Product A, Product B, Product C and Product D.
Criteria: functionality, price, service term, size, weight, color.

What do we do for you:
- our experts will analyze your data and create a MindDecider project with all your variants and criteria.
- if you gave at least brief estimates the program evaluates the choices and makes a decision.
- we will send you a sample project, MindDecider viewer and brief instructions on your contact e-mail.

If you decide to purchase MindDecider, the only thing for you to do in future is to change the number of projects, their names and estimates. The rest of information is already filled so it will take no more than few minutes to evaluate a large project base and make a choice very quick.

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