Upgrades Its Servers, Gives Facelift To Its Website And Also Reduces Its Commissions
06/02/2010 is one of the top rated online betting websites. This betting company has upgraded its servers, redesigned its website and has also reduced its winning commissions from 3% to 1%.

Online PR News – 02-June-2010 – – (San Jose- Costa Rica) is one of the top online betting and betting exchange companies on the web. Hundreds of sports betting fans make use of this top rated online betting site to place their bets on all top sports including baseball, basketball, football, handball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, and Tennis. Bestake makes sports betting easy by making it possible for the sports betting fans to bet on all types of sports from a single website.
To serve their customers better, Bestake has gone for a server upgrade. This will ensure a stable website. Bestake anticipates a huge surge in the visitor traffic to their website during the world cup times. To ensure that their sports betting website does not have any problems when their users need the site most, Bestake has invested a lot of money on server upgrade. The recent server upgrade is certain to enhance the visitor experience.
Moreover, Bestake did not stop just with the server upgrade, they have also gone for new design for their website. The website was given a facelift with the intention of improving the visitor experience. Users will be able find all the information they need fast and easy. The new clean design is very attractive and it features easy user navigation.
Bestake has yet another good news to announce to their users. Bestake normally does not take any commissions on losing bets. But for the winning bets, they charged a nominal 3% commission for the whole bet and not just from the profit. Now the good news is that Bestake will reduce its service charge commissions from 3% to 1%. This simply means that the winners will enjoy higher profits and have more money in their pockets.
Bestake makes every effort possible to provide the best services possible for their customers at the lowest fee possible. Server upgrade, website facelift, reduced commissions, etc., are clear indications of the customer oriented spirit found with Bestake. Not all online betting companies go to such extents to provide their customers with the best services. Besides that, Bestake is also a very safe online sports betting website. As online sports betting involves a considerable amount of money transactions, it is vital that the online betting website used is trustworthy. Bestake being one of the most reliable online betting websites with long-standing history of positive reputation, customers will never have to worry about any safety issues. For more information, visit