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The orthopaedic shop Gomiero with many point of sales of over the Veneto region, has published many discounts and offers on its e-commerce website for orthopaedic devices like armchairs, and seatbacks.

Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – 10 June 2013, Padova – Since a few days ago there are online, on the website of Gomiero orthopaedic store, new discounts on seat backs, orthopaedic chairs and armchairs Varier. It is possible to save more than 70 €.

Gomiero orthopaedic shop is a great company of orthopaedic products with shops all over the Veneto region in Italy; therefore it is either an 'offline' shop or a online e-commerce for the trade of its products all over Italy and beyond. Gomiero is both distributor of different brands in the field of prosthetics and producer of various goods for disabled such as: orthopaedic corset, prosthesis, supports, knee bands, orthotics and wheelchairs.

Gomiero Srl has gathered more than 90 years of experiences, which enables the company to guarantee high-quality products, also thanks to the collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists, orthopaedic clinics in the development of orthopaedic devices. The wide range of accessories provided by the company includes all the age groups, from the childhood stage to the elderly people. For this reason, Gomiero sells accessories for kids such as: cribs, punching bags, strollers and child seats, as well as wheelchairs, decubitus, support costumes, corsets and knee bands; in addition to electro-medical devices and for the rehabilitation of the knee and magneto-therapy accessories, orthopaedic beds for rent, raised toilet seats. Gomiero also sells various products for the foots care: creams, pads, gel insoles and stockings, knee high socks and orthopaedic shoes for the foots diseases. Gomiero orthopaedic shop gives also the possibility to rent electrical scooters, electrical armchairs, aerosol and professional pressure devices, inhalers, and various aids.

Gomiero Srl company is equipped with a foot care centre which carries out diverse therapies for the foot pathologies: calluses and corns, fungal infections, ingrown toe nail and verrucas; customise treatments for the athlete's foot, arthritic, Achilles tendinitis or flat feet. Gomiero manufactures comfortable shoes, orthotics and it also sells creams and products for the general foot care.

Gomiero Srl was born in 1919 when Gaetano Gomiero manufactured by an orthopaedic shop the first orthopaedic devices. Today, the company gets the certification ISO 9000-2008 thanks to the fact that Gomiero works with orthopaedic technicians and with a team of experts specialized in the manufacturing of orthopaedic devices. In the last few years Gomiero has opened its e-commerce website which gives the possibility to its clients to pay with different methods either with credit cards or cash.

Officina Ortopedica Gomiero S.r.l.
Via Falloppio, 57 - 35100 Padova
Tel: 0498225111

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