Lamp Post Electrical Introduces The Manrose Showerlite Fan

Lamp Post Electrical has looked at the extractor fan market in connection with bathroom services, working to establish best methods to remove steam and smells from a bathroom - One of the products to do this, is the Manrose Showerlite which Lamp Post are proud to now stock.

Online PR News – 10-June-2013 – London, UK – Lamp Post Electrical have worked very hard over the past years to develop a range of electrical equipment, which will encompass the full range of the electrical installers requirements for both household, services and industrial requirements. The aim has been to develop ranges of equipment, which gives the user a choice of what to use in a pre-set environment.

Lamp Post Electrical has looked at the extractor fan market in connection with bathroom services and have a number of options, which are available. The bathroom is a difficult place to deal with as there is a requirement to remove smells and steam from the room without causing a major problem elsewhere.

The typical bathroom smells can easily be removed with a good fan but the major problem is that usually that these are connected to the lighting system so that when a light is switched on the extractor goes on, when the user leaves there should be a delay in the fan usage cycle to extend its use for a period of time after the user leaves. There is also a problem when the bathroom is well lit from natural light and a light is not switched on, in this case an extractor must work from a movement sensor activated system again with a delay of say 15 minutes after the user has left.

Lamp Post Electrical note that the use of hot water either in the bath or shower or even the washbasin can cause far more problems. In this case there needs to be a removal of the steam so that there is no problem with condensation or dampness generated by the steam. This requires an extractor, which removes enough air and steam to remove the problem. Extraction should also be to an area outside the building, which is not going to cause problems at the point of emission. Remember that the biggest problem is that the fan and motor must be shielded from the steam and fumes or it must be installed outside the bathroom.

Lamp Post Electrical can supply a full range of bathroom extractors geared to do the job as previously described, it is also noted that these extractors can usually be adjusted to meet the demands of the bathroom concerned. The manrose showerlite fan and timer is a good place to start and uses an in-line fan mounted outside the bathroom to ensure the fan never succumbs to the steam and connected by ducting to the bathroom and also to the outside extraction point.

The fan is fitted with a timer system to ensure that the extractor works sufficiently long enough to remove the smells or vapours but will turn off when this has been done in order to preserve power usage.

Lamp Post Electrical Supplies notes that this is a very satisfactory system as the fan of the Manrose Showerlite fan and timer only has a working noise level of 41 db and when this is hidden in the roof or floor space there is no noticeable noise at all. Lamp Post Electrical also has a full range of 4 inch in-room fans and also the latest low voltage extractor systems.

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