Brands Can Identify Common Journeys to Purchase by Simply Asking Consumers, Says Cint

Brands should ask consumers how they make their buying decisions in order to better understand the steps that comprise the consumer journey, suggests Cint, a global provider of market research solutions.

Online PR News – 13-June-2013 – STOCKHOLM – Any consumer journey comprises a number of steps, including various marketing materials, channels of content consumption and various interactions or touch points along the way. The paths toward a first purchase, or return business, are not often the same for different individuals. In order to better understand common routes and ways to enhance them, brands should simply ask consumers how they make their buying decisions, suggests Cint, a global provider of market research solutions.

Encompassing stages such as awareness, preference and loyalty, the consumer journey can no longer be viewed as linear. For example, one person may view a TV commercial, another may use generic product keywords in a search engine or an in-store sales person may recommend a model over a competitor's. To complicate a marketer’s job further, a single person may encounter all three of these circumstances and many others, meaning the appropriate messages must be present at each step if a consumer is to be confident enough to make the purchase.

For a brand to ensure its messages are consistent, right for a target audience and suitable for the specific time in the journey, it can engage with current or prospective customers through a series of survey questions. By gathering the opinions of those people who matter to the business and then identifying the ways in which consumers commonly research products, obtain recommendations and make decisions, marketers can develop messages to better utilize certain channels. With Cint, this gathering of market intelligence can be undertaken from a brand owning its own online panels or via tapping into the millions of people in the Cint OpinionHUB.

Bo Mattsson, CEO of Cint, said: “Consumer journeys can be very complicated, and ensuring messaging is right for an audience at a particular stage in decision making is crucial for any brand’s marketing team. Therefore, to identify common paths and to better understand how consumers engage with channels, more specifically the messages within, marketers can simply ask current or prospective customers.

“A brand can easily create its own research panel to engage with time and again, reach out to people across the world or question a very niche demographic; Cint’s suite of do-it-yourself research software will meet any number of needs, quickly and cost-effectively.”

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