Morningside Recovery Launches New Adoption Treatment Program

Morningside Recovery, the leading addiction recovery center in Newport Beach, CA, launched a new program titled "Adoption:

Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – California – Morningside Recovery, the leading addiction recovery center in Newport Beach, CA, launched a new program titled "Adoption: The Lifelong Journey for Adoptees." This new program will address the increased mental health disorders often associated with adoptees by using dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy approaches in one-on-one therapy and specific adoption related groups.

Studies have shown that about 23-35% of young people in treatment centers are adopted, which is 17 times the norm. Research now understands that bonding begins while baby is in utero and once the baby is separated from their birth mother, they may experience emotional trauma, which has the potential to affect the rest of their life. The goal of Morningside Recovery is to help the individual resolve issues related to this emotional trauma.

"Unresolved emotional issues, including those surrounding adoption, may have a significant effect on addiction," said Dr Gerald Grosso, Clinical Director at Morningside Recovery. "Regardless of origin, these issues can create or reinforce a pattern of emotional distance that impairs relationships and triggers maladaptive patterns of coping."

When the connection of a baby and her mother is severed, it causes primal wounds in the adoptee which affects her in ways such as:

Sense of self, loss and basic mistrust
Anxiety, depression, emotional and/or behavioral problems
Difficulties in relationships and intimacy
And typically deals with lifelong core issues including loss, rejection, guilt, identity, intimacy and control.

"Treatment of these issues is typically long-term and is addressed in individual and group therapy," explains Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, Family Psychologist at Morningside Recovery. "Family therapy is also a large component of the treatment process as well, given that that family system is struggling to understand and cope with each member's reactions and feelings related to adoption." As a result, Morningside has executed an individualized treatment program at their facility for those who are adopted, which is led by Dr. Waterman.

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