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Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – Honolulu, HI – Summers are here! Before you know, it would have been gone also and it will be once again time to purchase textbooks for your new classes. This means more money out of your pocket to buy new books. Every year billions of dollars are spent on college textbooks, that is billions of dollars out of student’s pockets.

Let’s have a look at the 5 most expensive college Textbooks:

Acta PhilosophorumThe First Journal of Philosophy - $1,450

Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications - $1,215

Management Science an Anthology - $850

History of Early Film - $740

Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology - $665

These books are really expensive. Students understand that textbooks are imperative to their education and getting the best possible grade, but they have been pushed to edge by ridiculous prices that increase every year.

Not only are the text books prices going up but publishing industries have found other ways to inflate prices like new editions- publishers release new editions every 3-4 years regardless of changes to the subject, which effectively eliminates the used book market for the previous edition.

Another strategy which publishers use is Bundling. In simple words it means packaging of textbooks with CDs, pass-codes and other bells and whistles which forces the students to pay for unwanted items.

These additional things are helpful but they often have a short expiry or get lost or teachers don’t even require students to use them, making books impossible to sell back. One of the common strategies is "Customization", often presented by publishers to save money, this measure can have the opposite effect as well. Students are only able to sell these books to other students studying in their school and taking that exact class.
According to Audrey Ramirez , CEO- ILOVEBOOKE, "In order to bring down the expenses of college students, we have come up with a unique initiative. What BOOK E does is that, it provides these students a one of a kind platform where they can buy-sell-swap textbooks and not fall prey to any of these publishers again and again."

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