Future of Biotechnology by Srinubabu G

Biotechnology is acclaimed as the most valuable gift to the 21st century and it has altered the future of our planet. It has made a mark in almost every field.

Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – Los Angeles, California – Biotechnology is acclaimed as the most valuable gift to the 21st century and it has altered the future of our planet. It has made a mark in almost every field. Annually, biotech business is growing at a rate of 30-40%. In significant ways, today the biotechnology is exhibiting the power of scientific ideas to change the world.

For over 6,000 years, biotechnology has been used for significant and practical purposes such as preserving dairy products, preparing bread and cheese, and fermenting beer. Biotechnology has the potential to offer economic, social and environmental dividends for the Europe and the rest parts of the world. By virtue of biotechnology’s ability to solve many thorny issues, the scientific community has termed it as a boon for human civilization. Besides, biotechnology covers the whole field of science and its applications.

There are vast areas of applications of biotechnology. Modern biotechnology offers valuable techniques to deal with food safety issues. Biotechnology is a wonderful too that aids in solving offenses with DNA identifications. Further, it plays a constructive role in meeting the regular needs of mankind right from wearing clothes, washing them, the food what we consume, the medicine what we use to keep ourselves healthy.

The growth of biotechnology will result in enhancing popularity towards plant-based drugs in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and functional foods in the world market.

Biotechnology has solved different problems associated with ethics. There are voluminous job opportunities in this field in the global market and people who are willing to carve their careers out of biotechnology can do so by taking up employment with biotechnological companies. Genetic counseling, a branch of biotechnology, is yet another area that offers boundless opportunities for the desired individuals and the job role involves counseling the patient impacted by genetic problems. In current times, a majority of the nations employ DNA testing technology so as to identify criminals and this is one such job the individual can take up.

In India, biotechnology is set for a big leap and it offers excellent prospects in R & D and clinical research, marketing and regulatory institutions, and quality-cum-sales departments of companies. India has earned the reputation of being the hub for new generation of biotech products, outsourcing clinical trials. India is being touted as one of the five influential biotech leaders in the Asian region after Japan and Korea.

Taking into consideration of the depth and great advances in biotechnology, there is a strong possibility for the emergence of neosymbolist era. The growth of biotechnology will have a positive impact on the nature and the survival capacity of human beings. Further, biotechnology research could act as a fillip to modern biotechnology and in a country like India its growth will enrich the country’s reputation in other allied fields like genomics, bio-informatics and agriculture biotechnology, molecular medicine, plant biotechnology, environment, bio-fuel, biodiversity and bio-instrumentation.