Classof1’s newsletter for June 2013 has been released
06/11/2013 has launched the 9th edition of the Classof1 newsletter. The June 2013 issue focuses on what college students should do during their summer break.

Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – Eagan, MN –, one of the big names in the homework help sector, have published the June 2013 issue of their monthly newsletter series. This newsletter series is aimed at bringing the subscribers up to speed on the top posts of Classof1 over the previous month.

The June issue focuses on the summer break for college students. The newsletter is divided into 5 sections, which cover a wide range of topics from reading, graduation, summer internships and art work.

The first section is the Learner’s corner. In this month’s edition of Learner’s Corner, Classof1 has shown the uses of “PERT and CPM in the Work Environment” as an operational and analysis tool. This is in tandem with Classof1’s newsletter theme to educate and prepare the student to the corporate world.
The College hacks section is supposed to be helpful for college students to give them tips to have a good college experience. The post-May issue has focused on summer internships as an important part of college education. The articles in this newsletter help students to understand why internships are important, followed by another article to help them land a good internship focusing on the strengths of quick-learning.

The penultimate section is called as Fun Spot, this section primarily focuses on articles with a fun aspect included while providing great value to students. In this issue, the article on Summer Reading shows the importance of reading and gives students a nice set of books to start their reading habit. The other post is an extract of the main points of an online commencement speech given by Sir Richard Branson.

The final section, is called “Your Zone” and it presents the subscribers of Classof1 newsletter, to show off their talents to a mega audience. This time the opportunity was bagged by a subscriber who has sent a pencil sketch of a galloping horse.

The Classof1 newsletter was started off as a monthly periodical and was launched on November 2012. It has successfully completed nine issues of the newsletter on June. According to a Classof1 spokesperson, the support from their subscribers for the newsletter is unwavering and has motivated them to deliver the best and most useful articles for them.

You can read the previous issues of Classof1 newsletter and subscribe at