DUX Services – Promoting Green Cleaning For Saving The Environment

Green cleaning is a new concept introduced to avoid the environmental degradation. Under this concept, the use of cleaning agents and methods that may cause harm to the environment.

Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – Singapore – Singapore, – Promoting the concept of green cleaning, Dux Services (www.duxservices.com) offer environmentally friendly cleaning services in Singapore. Being the only one to focus on educational cleaning, the company provides cleaning services to offices, educational institutions and is working in alliance with the Association for People with Special Needs (APSN).

Dux Services not only provides excellent cleaning services but is also committed to follow procedures that will reduce contribution to adverse health effects such as asthma, flu, allergies and other airborne diseases. For educational institutions, it is very important to maintain a clean environment for the students so that they remain healthy, disease free and capable of attending the school for improved performance. The company provides thorough cleaning services by removing the airborne particles using environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, the staff has been trained to look for any kind of facility faults and make the facility management aware of it to avoid injuries.

The products that the company uses for cleaning are free from any kind of ingredients that might damage the environment such as perfumes, dyes, volatile organic compounds and any other kinds of agents that might harm people with allergies or sensitivities. Such healthful cleaning services will improve the quality of air in the indoors, prevent health problems, assist in maintenance of the edifice and have a positive effect on the image of the establishment. Dux Services work in partnership with the Association for People with Special Needs to train the staff on how to assist people with special needs. Training is provided before deploying this staff and they are monitored and guided regularly afterwards.