A New Destination to Learn Cooking in Gurgaon as Sttudio292 Starts Classes

To learn the art of cooking there is no place better than a cooking class. Not only you get the advantage of learning from an expert, but also you learn faster in a competitive environment.

Online PR News – 10-June-2013 – Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001 – Gurgaon recently received a new destination to spend the spare time usefully in a cooking class. The acclaimed Sttudio 292 recently announced the beginning of registration for cooking classes in Gurgaon. These classes from the acclaimed culinary school have several advantages, as well as several rules and regulations for admission. For instance, the Sttudio recommends that you wear flat shoes with closed toes as a part of the dress code because you would need to quickly move in the kitchen during the class. Going by the several other criteria for the cooking courses in Gurgaon, it comes out that the Sttudio considers culinary exercises very seriously and expects its students to think similarly. If you are up to it, and you live in Gurgaon, you might consider taking up one of the available courses with the Sttudio 292.

Cooking is a practice of everyday transient art. You mix the ingredients in the right proportions to create a great dish that also looks artistically pleasant when you garnish it. Then you eat this ‘work of art’ or serve it to others for eating. There is no other way to culminate a great cooking experience. This creativity definitely needs dedication, passion, and a sense of balance (you should use a balanced amount of ingredients). Recognizing the need for dedication, Sttudio 292 has a set of rules in place for the students. These rules involve no smoking in the premises of the class (even on the terrace), not using mobile phones during class (keeping them off or silent), taking notes during the class, and a commitment to be present during the class (no extra class or refund). If you think these rules are convenient to set the standards of elite baking classes in Gurgaon, then you can easily register through the internet.

To complete the registration, first you have to choose the course that is most suitable for you. There are several courses, each designed around a complete meal. Not only do you learn how to cook the meal, but you would also have to eat the food you cooked. After choosing the convenient course, you would have to pay in full for it, and complete your registration. You would have to bring in a facsimile of your registration email to the class for the first time, so make sure to print the mail as soon as the registration is complete. The various available courses include a baking course called Bake-Along, and a Children’s Edible Craft Workshop. The Sttudio also hosts corporate events and private events.

The cookery classes in Gurgaon also offer gift certificates for the interested. For taking advantage of the gift certificate, you would have to fill up an online registration form first, and then call/email the Sttudio to confirm your registration. For the certificate to be effective, you should be bringing it along with the copy of the registration email to the class. The rules do not allow you to exchange these certificates for any kind of services or any cash amount, so you should make sure to be sure before you are applying for them.

Contact information about the company:

Contact person: Shivani Khanna

Address: 5A, Glenbow, Raisina Residency, Sec59, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001

Telephone: 9810904261

E mail ID: info@sttudio292.com