New Wind Turbines Launched By

Wind turbine generator is a sort of windmill wind turbine used for generating electricity in places where wind is heavy a whole year round. Newmeilwindturbine recently add some new types of wind turbines for more widely application.

Online PR News – 10-June-2013 – China – After rapid development of decades, the widely applied wind turbine generators are playing an even indispensable role in creating clean energy., the leading wind power generator manufacturer in china, recently announced that new wind turbines were launched in their online website.

“More types of wind turbines will be provided in the future.” Said Ms Leah Li, the International Trade Director of Newmeilwindturbine. “The rated power of new wind power generators include from 400W to 20KW to meet the requirements for different situation. Wind solar hybrid systems and on grid systems are also supported now. ”

The products launched this time are mainly in two categories: marine wind turbines and wind solar hybrid systems.

Marine wind turbine

Marine wind generators are designed to charge batteries onboard boats & yachts. To be suitable for marine use, a wind generator needs to be carefully designed, reliable and built with marine grade components. Wind generators or turbines are often combined with solar pv panels to form a 'hybrid' battery charging system.

Wind solar hybrid systems

The wind solar hybrid power supply system uses solar and wind power to produce electricity. The main configuration of the system: wind turbine, solar panel, controller, inverter, batteries pole and other accessories. Hybrid wind energy systems can provide reliable off grid power for homes, farms, or even entire communities that are far from the nearest utility lines. The wind solar hybrid power street light system has, reliable performance, neat design,and is a growing trend for road lighting. Wind solar hybrid lighting can not only save energy, the twisting wind mill is also a wonderful landscape.

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