E-cash-Advance.net Announces New, Easier Form For its Borrowers

Recently completed and uploaded for customers is the new, simpler and faster form for applying for an Emergency Cash Advance.

Online PR News – 31-July-2009 – – Recently completed and uploaded for customers is the new, simpler and faster form for applying for an Emergency Cash Advance. Borrowers will love everything about the new application page, from its streamlined functionality to its sleek new eye-pleasing design. For your faxless payday loan needs, this form will more than satisfy.

Muncie, IN, July 31, 2009 - This week, e-cash-advance.net has rolled out its new online application form for customers applying for an emergency cash advance. In an industry where customer service, ease of use, and turnaround time are key factors in the success of an online cash advance company, this new form takes the prize. With hundreds of different websites to choose from when it comes to applying for an emergency cash advance, customers know they have choices, and the lenders know this too. That's why E Cash Advance knows it's important to stay ahead of the game and offer the best possible experience to people who need to get cash fast.

After all, when you need an emergency cash advance, time is a factor. And an easy application form makes all the difference in the world. Why struggle with complex online applications that ask too much information when you need to get the process completed and get your cash fast. The new application form requires only what's on your US driver's license, plus your social security number and employment info. What's more, the new easy to use form is only one or two pages long, and takes just a few minutes to complete. That's fast, so you get your emergency loan as fast as possible.

The loan application form is also improved behind the scenes, making it not only faster but safer and more secure so your data is protected. With heavy investment in security protocols and the latest in hacker-proof software, the new application form is worlds above any other online cash advance application. "I just love the new application form on e-cash-advance.net" says Mildred Perkins, who uses emergency cash advances about twice a year for unexpected bills that arise. "I love that it takes just two minutes for me to fill out the application, and then I can get on with my life" says the mother of 3 from Dallas, Texas. For Ms. Perkins and hundreds of other borrowers, the new improved application form makes e-cash-advance.net the number one choice for emergency loans.

To see how easy and fast the new form is, go to http://www.e-cash-advance.net and click on the Application button. You'll see immediately the pleasing new design. You'll also see clearly how to fill out the form, and everything you'll need to know when applying for an emergency cash advance. There are clear links to Frequently Asked Questions, articles written about every aspect of cash advances so you can really get to know the product, and of course easy to understand terms and how to reach our friendly customer service staff.

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