Safety First Aid boxes with SteriTouch protect from the outside in

Safety First Aid has launched a first aid box containing SteriTouch as part of its Evolution range.

Online PR News – 02-June-2010 – – Recognising the need for the case itself to offer protection from bacteria, Safety First Aid will now be supplying first aid boxes to its customers with the added benefit of antibacterial technology. SteriTouch is a range of antimicrobial additives based on the natural sterilising properties of silver, which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mould.

Most first aid boxes contain sterile dressings amongst their contents, yet the case itself is rarely considered for routine cleaning. The first aid box is the first and last thing to be touched in the case of an accident, usually by the first aider but often by the person with the injury, so it makes sense to protect the case against bacteria as an extra measure to reduce the risk of contamination. The Evolution range of Anti-Microbial first aid cases has been independently tested and results show a 99.99% reduction in MRSA.

With the current media interest surrounding illness causing bacterial infections such as MRSA and E.Coli, it is of growing importance that employers look internally to assess how they can make small changes to ensure good hygiene practices in the workplace. These could include offices, food processing environments and care homes, according to Dermot Wallace, Group Managing Director of Safety First Aid:

“The issues of hygiene and cross infection are key concerns of our customers in the first aid and occupational health markets. We introduced the new range of Evolution Anti-Microbial cases to our range of first aid cases to address this concern. Inherently, first aid kits are located in high risk areas in the workplace and are then brought to first aid incidents, where the likelihood of cross infection is significant. The first rule of first aid is that the first aider should protect themselves. The new Evolution Anti-Microbial range ensures that first aiders are using a hygienic first aid kit, which minimises the potential for cross infection.”

“The Evolution range of first aid kits is exclusive to Safety First Aid and manufactured in the UK. Safety First Aid chose to partner with SteriTouch due to the confidence in their trusted brand and the technical support and back-up offered.”

SteriTouch is an antimicrobial solution, offering a versatile range of ionic silver-based additives that prevent bacteria and mould, and can be used in various materials, including moulded plastics, fabrics and liquids. It offers a valuable co-branding opportunity, recognised by leading retailers such as Mothercare, where the SteriTouch brand is used in a range of highchairs, and Crown Trade in its Steracryl range of paints.