Zebra P520i Single & Double Sided Card Printer Laminator

IdCards-Printers.com prides itself to announce another plus in the milieu of ID card printing and that is the Zebra P520i Card printer laminator which not just prints effectively but its lamination quality enhances the life of the printed card by years.

Online PR News – 02-June-2010 – – The Zebra 520i is the printer that comes with a fourth generation laminator. It can be used for the production of any kind of cards ranging from highly sensitive Id Cards to be used in the Government and Law Enforcement Agencies to the Identification cards in Colleges and Universities.
This Zebra card printer comes in the following models with different options of USB or Ethernet Connection or both with an addition of Magnetic Encoder in some cases.
• P520i-0000A-ID0
• P520i-0M10A-ID0
• P520i-0000C-ID0
• P520i-0M10C-ID0
The printer gets use of the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automate key processes and make it user-friendly. The printer can be prevented from unauthorized use by using locking devices and electronic passcodes.
Zebra Card Printers can print and laminate up to 125 cards per hour as it functions as an Id card laminator as well. The P520i will print and laminate both sides of a card for dual-sided applications. The machine does not make any noise and therefore can be put anywhere in the Office without any care for the disturbance. This Id card and Laminated card printer comes with the networking feature and the LCD Displays that tells about the status of the card printing and lamination. The Zebra plastic card printer offers true type fonts via Windows driver.
One year printer warranty and One year (unlimited passes) print head warranty comes with the Zebra ID card Printers. Further power using capacity is 100 ~ 230 Volts AC or 50 ~ 60 Hz (auto switching). They have 4MB image memory standard. The temperature for optimum operation should be 60°F to 86°F (15°C to 30°C).
The other features available are Automatic Driver Configuration, Ribbon Image Counter & Ribbon Low Notification, magnetic encoder, cleaning supplies. The Laminated card printer comes with a full metal enclosure with viewing window. For ID card laminating, clear and holographic options (OVI and UV image) are provided. For 0.6 mil laminate capacity, 170 cards per roll are laminated and for 1.0 mil laminate capacity, 100 cards per roll are laminated
Clear laminate for dual-sided cards (front full coverage and back 1/2 patch for magnetic stripe cards-50 cards). There are some optional security features as well which makes Zebra Card printer the best Card Laminator.