Telecoms Company Announce Services Designed To Increase Accessibility For Elderly And Disabled

A UK based communications company who specialise in developing and selling oversized-button mobile and land-line telephones have announced two brand new services, making communicating easier for the elderly and disabled.

Online PR News – 08-June-2013 – Bath – 'Easiphone' have developed a wide range of big buttoned phones and mobiles which make usage and dialling easier and more accessible for specific groups of customers who might otherwise struggle with conventional designs. The range spans from the simplest of phones to mobiles with in-built cameras and blue tooth facilities, as well as landlines with cordless options and amplifiers.

Easiphone’s latest advancements have made their specialist services even more valuable to customers with particular requirements. The first being an option for phone users to have their phones pre-programmed with friends and families’ numbers, prior to receiving the handset. This means that the difficulty of having to set-up the phone is negated and customers can use them effectively from the minute that they arrive.

"We are always developing new phones and technologies to make life easy: for instance we can pre-programme the phones with phone numbers of your friends and family on speed dial” - (Easiphone 2013)

Arguably one of the most innovative new features is an option for customers to have their mobile phones monitored 24 hours a day, using their professional 'Telicare' system. The system works by the mobile user having an emergency alarm attached to a wristband. At any point, they can activate the alarm and will be connected to their mobile phone which will automatically telephone the 24/7 emergency care line for assistance.

Users can then speak immediately to an operator who will assess the extent of the emergency and then alert a named contact or even the emergency services. Even in the event that the user is unable to talk, the operator will notify the emergency services direct.

The company already offer a monitoring service to their land-line customers, however by now offering it to their mobile customers Easiphone can ensure that the elderly and disabled have the freedom and reassurance of having security outside of their home, wherever and whenever.

Easiphone is a UK- based company with over 20 years of experience in the communication industry. They have a variety of communication products and services available and provide specialist equipment to the elderly, partially sighted and disabled. To make further enquiries, please visit the official website at or alternatively telephone 0800 849 6 247.