Specialist Automotive Company Announce Emergency 24hr Roadside Fuel Removal Service.

The leading UK based fuel drainage company has announced their 24 hour national roadside fuel removal service. The company offers roadside assistance for anyone who has put the wrong fuel into their car.

Online PR News – 08-June-2013 – London – A modern driver has ever increasing pressures placed on their life from work demands to maintaining a busy home or social life. Due to this, people are squeezing more and more out of their day, giving them less time to do the most ordinary of jobs. Fuelling a car with the wrong fuel is fast becoming a common issue, especially as most families own or have access to, more than one car.

“On average, mis-fuelling happens more than 400 times a day - that's once every 4 minutes. Mis-fuelling can cost up to £7,000 for replacement of the fuel tank, pumps and filters, and £12,000 or more if engine damage occurs.” - Steve Fuller, Fuel Fix.

In the unfortunate event of this happening, the average person is likely to panic and inadvertently cause extensive damage to their vehicle by, for example, starting the car’s ignition and circulating the incorrect fuel around the engine.

Fuel Fix has launched its mobile fuel removal service, offering a 24 hour call-out facility to most of the UK. Fuel Fix aims to arrive at your location within 30-60 minutes and the average fuel removal can be completed in under 30 minutes, meaning that within the hour, it’s possible to be back on the road, with a fully working engine. The service is available for motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries and all technicians are fully qualified.

They also comply with Environment Agency guidelines for waste disposal. Fuel Fix offers its service to corporate customers, in addition to private ones, for fleet cars. “Incorrect fuelling has become a growing crisis and this can be a nightmare for any fleet management company to deal with causing them repair bills and loss of revenue” (Steve Fuller Fuel Fix, UK)

Fuel Fix is an innovative automotive company, currently operating across the UK. Visit www.fuel-fix.com for further information, including advice on what to do if you have fuelled your car incorrectly. Alternatively contact their 24 hour helpline on: 0843 560 0080.