Euraff 2.9 is released. It now provides complete online tracking and affiliate solutions.

Euraff 2.9 now provides complete Affiliate Tracking, Sales & Lead Source Tracking, ROI Tracking and Partner's Royalty Tracking Services. It also offers 30 days free trial.

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Euraff is one of the best Affiliate and ROI Tracking Software available on net! It provides advanced affiliate solutions, sales & lead source tracking, paid media performances tracking, revenue sharing with suppliers/partners and more!

Any merchant either selling online or gathering leads online can be benefited through it. Here are some ways.

1. It tracks all the sales /leads and creates analytic reports for a seller. It tells the seller all his sales sources and sale making keywords. He can take better marketing decisions to achieve more sales at lower budget. Normally affiliate software programs only tracks sales through affiliates but Euraff tracks all.

2. It provides master in-house affiliate platform with innovative affiliate links and flexible reward options. The seller can easily connect his store database and allow his affiliates to display his products on their website through affiliate widgets. If the seller has a product that really sells, euraff can multiply his sales through affiliates.

3. A seller can simply measure ROI of his paid channels. The software accurately tracks sales/leads from through paid channels and help him to invest his money on something that worked only.

3. Unlike any other affiliate software Euraff helps a seller to make revenue sharing deals with suppliers and joint venture partners. He can make deals with 100s of suppliers and sell 1000s of products and pay royalty them only when their products are sold. Similar he can make a joint venture with his business partners to reduce his own effort and share revenue with them. Euraff automates all; from tracking to paying.

4. It even sends mass mail for a seller. He can send newsletters, sales letters to his customers and any third party recipients.

In short a seller may not need to setup another tracking software system. Euraff does everything for him.

The interfaces are no nonsense and fast. If the seller is serious about his online business he will just love it. He can give a free trial before buying it.

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