Surviving the Penguin 2.0 Update with 24Seven Shopping Cart Platform

Keeping a tab on the Google’s Penguin 2.0 update, LAN Services has lately re-launched 24Seven Cart, its prized proprietary eCommerce platform to improve the web store’s search results on online browsers.

Online PR News – 08-June-2013 – San Jose/CA – Web storeowners and digital marketers use different techniques of SEO to rank their sites higher than others. To administer & control the overall methods, Google updates its algorithms used for higher ranking of the websites. The latest update from Google was Penguin 2.0 whose main target were those websites that had been unnecessarily optimized with manipulative backlinks and spams.

Any change in the online search techniques ultimately affects the way web masters were working for online promotion of their web sites. This update in online search method had its impact on every industry. Online retailers were particularly felt the pinch as they quickly need to assimilate and update the new SEO strategy into their online marketing strategy.

To keep-up with the new guidelines of the Google, LAN Services has re-launched 24Seven Cart, its updated licensed eCommerce platform. It has modified & updated its SEO techniques so that the web stores get more visibility on the search engines.

A flurry of changes in the online search strategy has led 24Seven Cart to change its SEO procedures. Integrated changes are as follows:

• Unique & non-repetitive content: This optimization practice is adopted as Google audits within the sites to search similarities between the contents. It specifically affects the eCommerce sites, as the probability of repetition of content is higher there. 24Seven Cart reviews and catalog web store’s content around its themes.
• Temporary solution for search engines: The new update enables Google to identify the temporary arrangements for search engines. 24Seven Cart focuses only on the permanent user oriented design & development initiatives. The responsive design of the shopping cart allows eCommerce platform and its on-site content to align with consumer intent.
• Focused subject matter: Web Stores need to focus on the subject matter of the sites. Dealing with the various subject matters confronts visibility issues which necessitates focus and clarity. The 24Seven Cart allows webmasters to design, develop site topics and build a knowledge bank framed by the subject matter experts.
• Tricked by real time data: The availability of real time data sets urges site owners and marketers to engage in frequent and reactionary updates in their sites without making better-informed decisions. 24Seven Cart allows webmasters to utilize real time data to identify & track similar historical data or trends in it to develop the perfect SEO friendly environment.
The spate of updates in search techniques led 24Seven Cart to adopt new feature for better online marketing.

24Seven Cart is the flagship product under the aegis of LAN Services which is a California-based company. The company offers a wide range of e-retailing solutions like RMS eCommerce integration, search engine marketing, point-of-sale solution for quick service restaurants, online store management, etc. For detailed information about the 24Seven Cart

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