Response to the First Person in Canada Charged with Thought-Crime and Pre-Crime

The government of Quebec takes totalitarianism to a whole new level by evoking the equivalent of the War Measures Act to go after and censor social media websites on the Internet, such as blogs, FACEBOOK and other free speech sites, aka THOUGHT-CRIME

Online PR News – 07-June-2013 – Montreal/Quebec – The government of Quebec evoked the equivalent of the War Measures Act to go after and censor social media websites. A Quebec Liberal Party appointed judge named Me Alain Gélinas suspended the Canadian Constitution, suspended the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, suspended the Civil Code of Quebec, and suspended The Quebec Charter of Human Rights in targeting the censorship of social media on the Internet, such as blogs, FACEBOOK and other free speech sites. Me Alain Gélinas is a one man show - the judge, jury, executioner, president and sole executive of the Quebec tribunal called the BUREAU.

The judge set a legal precedent by redefining posting an idea on the Internet as solicitation, without the need for witnesses that someone has been solicited and without requiring evidence that someone in Quebec has even seen your Internet post.

The judge also sets a legal precedent that says that Quebec has legal jurisdiction over all Internet sites worldwide that can be seen by a resident of Quebec and overrides/nullifies all Terms of Service Agreements in other jurisdictions. These broad sweeping measures now gives the Quebec government the right to censor, to control, to prosecute and to suppress information and people on the Internet anywhere in the world, that the government deems is a THOUGHT-CRIME, with the lame excuse being to protect the residents of Quebec. These Orwellian measures gives Big Brother and bureaucratic control -freaks the power now to charge you with an offence even before it is committed, which they claim is a preventive measure, called PRE-CRIME. Protecting the public is the same excuse that countries like Iran, China. Myanmar, and Tajikistan uses for censorship. Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the internet.

The judge also sets a legal precedent in Quebec for the first time in over 100 years that “you are guilty, until proven innocent”, reversing the presumption of innocence, sometimes referred to by the Latin expression Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof lies with who declares, not who denies), is the principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. The Most Noble David Kam calls for freedom and justice in an unfair, unjust, impartial and perverted justice ruling.

Artist, Writer, Diplomat, Blogger, Social Activist and Ambassador The Most Noble David Kam is the first case of someone in Quebec charged with THOUGHT-CRIME. He is also the first case of someone in Quebec charged with PRE-CRIME. He had posted opinions and ideas on a blog under construction that is based in the United States (“City of Los Angeles legal jurisdiction”) set to launch in the year 2015, about protecting the environment and how society should be supporting more green technology and green businesses. He also expressed the idea of launching a Green Stock Exchange to get only American based investors to fund Quebec clean tech companies to create thousands of jobs in Quebec.

This caught the attention of AUTORITE DES MARCHES FINANCIERS (the “AUTHORITY"), which support the fracking industries, mining, and logging companies. The AUTHORITY, along with a tribunal called The BUREAU DE DECISION ET DE REVISION (“BUREAU”) went out of its way to shut down The Most Noble David Kam ’s blog and suppress communications as a means to support the extractive industry lobby. Besides suspending The Most Noble David Kam ’s rights, the AUTHORITY and BUREAU was so paranoid that they could not control the Internet information that they used intimidation, threats, harassment, website hacking, the fabrication of false evidence, website breaking and entering, name smearing and other dirty tactics to support the extractive industry lobby’s agenda. The Quebec government’s adversity and aggressive opposition to potentially creating thousands of well-paying high tech green jobs in Quebec is shameful. It shows Quebec is not friendly and not opened to USA green tech investors. Quebecers are not all lumberjacks and miners. The oil companies and extractive industries have hijacked the regulatory process.

THOUGHT-CRIME CONVICTION: Freedom of Expression is now expressly prohibited in Quebec with the “precedent” conviction. People being targeted for censorship and punishment are people who expresses: an opinion, idea, posting an image or writing on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, blogs, social networks or anywhere on the Internet someone in the government of Quebec disagrees with. The government of Quebec sets a “precedent”, saying posting anything on the Internet is now defined as solicitation, even if nobody in Quebec has seen it. So what if you did not commit a crime; you are guilty for thinking about it?

PRE-CRIME CONVICTION: The government’s theory of PRE-CRIME is to catch a crime before it happens, and charge someone with crimes they might commit in the future. This is right out of Hollywood blockbuster “The Minority Report”, starring Tom Cruise and George Orwell’s book 1984. In “The Minority Report”, "PreCrime", a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called "precogs". The BUREAU DE DECISION ET DE REVISION (“BUREAU”) are Quebec government’s specialized PreCrime policing department and AUTORITE DES MARCHES FINANCIERS (the “AUTHORITY") are the precogs searching the Internet for possible THOUGHT-CRIME. The government of Quebec’s goal is to punish innocent people before an offence can happen. Someone in the government of Quebec simply pointing a finger at you is enough to make you guilty, even without witnesses or concrete evidence. The PRE-CRIME conviction nullifies the presumption of innocence and nullifies that it is necessary that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Quebec also nullifies that if reasonable doubt remains, the accused is to be acquitted. So what if you did not commit a crime; you are guilty simply because you might do it in the future?

GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE FABRICATES AND PLANTS FALSE EVIDENCE AS STANDARD PROCEDURE: The green stock exchange blog was only accessible to U.S. citizens according to its Terms of Service agreement, so no resident of Quebec actually visited the blog. Since the government of Quebec had no witnesses in Quebec and no evidence for the case against The Most Noble David Kam, the AUTHORITY fabricated false evidence against him, which they call standard procedure. It is highly disturbing that the AUTHORITY fabricated false evidence by having one of their employees hack into the green stock exchange blog to gain unauthorized entry and down thousands of pages against copyright law. The employee of the AUTHORITY also created a false identity to communicate with The Most Noble David Kam in order to incite The Most Noble David Kam to create an offence in Quebec. However, the employee of the AUTHORITY failed to incite him to commit an offence. It is an utter disgrace, a total perversion of justice and is a criminal offence to fabricate false evidence. Quebec need to provide actual evidence and testimony that is legally admissible, and also it is not necessary to provide evidence that is lawfully obtained.

“I am planning to challenge this all the way up to the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of suspending my constitutional and civil rights. It is also a perversion of justice not only because of the suspension of my rights, but the Bureau even went as far as using false evidence fabricated by one of their employees as fact, since they desperately needed proof in the absence of any real witnesses and having no real evidence. This is for lack of a better term called a Kangaroo court. If I was in communist China, I would get a fairer hearing and at least they might bring some plastic witnesses, so that is why I am bringing this out publicly”, ironically says The Most Noble David Kam.

After the trial was a complete farce, a malicious press release attack and tribunal order by the BUREAU and the ATHROTITY misleads the public into thinking The Most Noble David Kam and the USA based websites did something wrong, when in fact The Most Noble David Kam never did anything wrong; in fact, “the Quebec government organizations admitted under oath no witnesses and no evidence that anyone in the Province of Quebec or in fact anywhere in the world were ever solicited or any member of the general public even visited the demo green stock exchange blog; they also admitted that they knew it was only under construction and knew it was not even launched yet. The Quebec government’s devious press release and orders distorts and misrepresents the facts saying “The Most Noble David Kam recently attempted to sidestep Québec law”, when in fact they have no jurisdictional authority over a United States blog.

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