New College Laundry Summer Selection At DormCo
06/07/2013, the leader in college dorm supplies, has added and expanded its selection of laundry bags for college, hampers, and other dorm laundry essentials.

Online PR News – 07-June-2013 – Buffalo/N.Y. – Doing laundry in college will never be a necessarily fun task, but having the right laundry supplies for college is a simple dorm shopping requirement of any college student. Whether students still bring home laundry with them or even if they rarely do laundry, basic laundry supplies are no less essential. Recognizing this need, DormCo has released a selection of new laundry bags, hampers, and other college laundry supplies. Aside from functionality, these new dorm laundry supplies aim to bring some color and fun to the mundane task of doing laundry in college.

College girls are especially fond of making sure that their college supplies look the best they can. Any dorm shopper who pays attention to the details recognizes that all college products, aside from merely dorm bedding and college decorations, can still look great. With this in mind, DormCo wanted to offer more than basic laundry bags for college students. Some students still prefer to select basic, standard colors, such as black and blue. Yet some students have expressed a desire to make laundry day more fun. To do just that, DormCo added a variety of new, cheap laundry bags that display vibrant colors and original patterns. From the Bliss College Girl Laundry Bag to the Word-Up College Laundry bag, these new nylon laundry bags provide a look for the laundry room that’s unique and plenty colorful.

Since some students prefer the natural material of cotton, DormCo’s stock of cotton-lined laundry bags for college girls has also augmented. With college laundry bags like the Blue Catalina College Laundry Bag and the Crazy Colored Swirls College Laundry Bag, college girls have cute laundry bags to choose from that are made from cotton as well. As a natural material, cotton is a durable material. It also has an advantage in that it’s more easily embroidered. It’s very common for students to want their dorm laundry bags embroidered with their initials, as this is also a common high school graduation gift idea. For embroidering purposes, cotton offers an easily embroidered fabric.

While all of DormCo’s laundry bags for college girls of course offer adequate space for transporting and carrying dirty laundry, some laundry supplies come with extra features. The Crinkle Laundry Tote, for example, has an extra pocket on the outside, which is great for carrying detergent, quarters, or even some extra dirty clothes. For a cheap laundry bag alternative, some students will also like our mesh laundry bags, which provide a lightweight, very breathable material.

For the students who prefer laundry hampers for college, DormCo has also expanded its selection of cheap hampers. Dorm laundry hampers are just as functional as laundry bags, and for most students it’s a matter of preference. Yet for those students looking for a touch of style with their hampers for college, DormCo has a few with zebra print. As one style that’s seemingly always in style, zebra print offers a simple yet classic pattern that turns a regular hamper into a cool-looking hamper that can even add to dorm decor and make doing laundry fun!